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My tomato plants are doing so much better then last year! Last year I probably planted mid June...and they didn't fruit until September and a week or two later the frost came. It was a bust. This year I began before Memorial Day and covered them on cool nights with bags. The other changes this year have been putting rusty nails in the soil and once a month a tbsp of Epsom salt in 2 liters of water (I use soda bottles for watering cans). Also I used celebrity tomatoes which I have never heard of before. I think I also did plum but not sure there. Another plus has been buying at the farmers market as opposed to Home Depot. I am now at 8 weeks about and they are pushing 5 feet and blossoming. My concern is I put too many seedlings in each pot. They don't seem crowded in the soil but since they are so full, the branches seem crowded. I would love to separate them but they do look good so if it ain't broke...and they may be sad to lose their siblings! If anyone thinks splitting them up at this point is a good idea, please let me know. The tomatoes are good...the basil ok and the parsley died fast but the parsley & basil came from the supermarket so I shouldn't have expected much anyway.

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7/12/10 01:47 PM