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The best way to avoid snoozing - get a dog! My dogs hear my alarm go off and then use that opportunity to start whining to go out. So even if I wanted to snooze, the horrible, high pitched whine they make gets me out of bed.

How to Avoid Hitting Snooze in the Morning
1/13/12 10:57 AM

LOVE the first photo - HATE the second equally as much. I think it's a genius way to cover apartment walls (assuming that the removal leaves no mark).

About the last picture - it's labeled as a hallway leading to a bathroom. I'm hoping it's mislabeled. If not, then either they have a security lock on the *outside* of their bathroom or that's the entry way and it leads directly to the bathroom, from where the picture is taken. Either way is horrifying...


Drenched in Color: A Brave & Joyful Rental Transformation
New York Magazine

1/10/12 03:18 PM

I'll have to say that the recommendation of the 562 Roomba is spot on. I have 2 huskies, a 60+ hour a week job, and a husband who doesn't know how to work the vacuum cleaner (really!).

I bought the Roomba a few weeks ago and he goes out every day at noon and vacuums the living area. I am always very surprised at how clean the house is now! There is never dog hair on the floor...

The only draw back is that it doesn't have the quality filters that my vacuum does, so my friends with allergies had problems the day they came over right after the vacuum did his job. so I cancel the cleaning on those days now.

Tech Recommendations to Control Pet Hair?
Good Questions

3/17/11 01:51 PM

hummmm - slmost makes me brave enough to do #3. I'm painting a room right now with 1 wall bright yellow and the other 3 dark slate grey (lighter than in #3).

I have left the ceiling white and I don't like it. I was thinking lighter grey. But maybe now, I'll just pull the wall color onto the ceiling...

Look Up! 5 Ceilings With Some Serious Color
10/21/10 01:18 PM

I just picked up a dark grey (SW Peppercorn) to paint my relaxation room. I wanted a low or no VOC paint so I had a good conversation with the people at SW. Yes, the low or no VOC causes you to have less particles in the paint. So you'll need more paint to get the same coverege. They recommended that I use a tinted primer then two coats.

In order to stick with the low VOC, I'm just planning on doing 3 coats of the paint. They thought that would work as well.

Dark & Dramatic Dining Rooms
9/27/10 01:02 PM

If you don't feel like (or agree with) killing the ants, you can use a diluted orange oil to clean with. Ants will not go into an area with orange oil. It also makes the area smell nice!

High Hopes of Eradicating Ant Problem
9/14/10 02:24 PM

I'm with citizenaugust... I'd love to know that gray color...

Jen's First "Real" Apartment House Call | Apartment Therapy Chicago
7/12/10 01:13 PM