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Love all the lamps!

Antonia and Cinzia's Calming Casa in Notting Hill House Tour
11/22/13 12:28 PM

How do those items on the little shelf in the range hood not completed covered in cooking grease by now?

Kitchen Before & After: Cathy's Impressive Craigslist-Sourced Kitchen Renovation Reader Kitchen Remodel
10/25/13 11:09 AM

Absolutely love the Imperial Trellis Tile! I would use it on my kitchen floors. My kitchen floors need a serious overhaul although I'd probably need a lot more than 40 sq ft.

Win: Luxury Mosaic Tile from
Mission Stone and Tile Giveaway

10/18/13 07:57 PM

Do these actually produce heat?

Good Questions: Easy to Install Modern Fireplace?
8/13/13 08:00 PM

What a perfect idea for celebrating a birthday with a camping trip!

Party Recipe: Birthday Cake Marshmallows with Sprinkles Recipes from The Kitchn
8/2/13 08:33 PM

Wow. Absolutely beautiful. There is not a single thing I don't love in that house tour!

Patricia & Daniel's Master Crafted Sausalito Houseboat House Tour
8/22/12 12:20 PM

I don't see how these designs being created after the tsunami have to do with anything? Were they donated as part of the relief effort or something?

Edible Design: Laser-Cut Sushi Rolls?
4/30/12 03:04 PM

Ever part of that home screams comfort.. I want to melt into it! Love it! Definitely one of my favorite house tours so far..

Isabelle & Brandon's Lovely Echo Park Cottage
House Tour

7/31/11 05:09 PM

That rug looks familiar. Is it IKEA?

Before & After: What a Difference Some Paint Makes!
7/12/11 09:12 PM

Brian is fine!

Ryan's Modern Workout Haven
House Tour

6/24/11 05:47 PM

If someone needs to be reminded not to eat or lick their Magic Eraser, they probably shouldn't even be using one. Eek!

Magic Erasers: Toxic or Terrific?
6/23/11 10:27 PM

Beautiful and warm.. Love it.

Barry's Antique-Filled Doheny Hills Home
House Tour

6/23/11 01:47 AM

The "Sustainable Bookcase, 120 year old wood from Barn!" is not really a find, but you can buy it directly through their website, here: I bought the exact same bookcase from them about a year ago for quite a bit less then that. I guess business has been good!

Mid Century Modern Credenza Atomic Solid Wood - $500
Los Angeles Scavenger

6/16/11 06:52 PM

Man. I can only imagine how much dusting goes on in there!

Andrew's Parisian Remix
House Tour

5/20/11 10:45 PM

Why do the before/after pictures always show the before picture with bad lighting and the after picture with great lighting? I'd like to see a comparison where both pictures had the SAME lighting.

Amy & Chad's Subtle Kitchen Update
Triangle Honeymoon

5/11/11 06:03 PM

Ha. I can completely see me knocking down half the things during the night as I sleep on the bookshelf "nightstand!"

Alternative Nightstands: Think Outside the Box
3/11/11 04:30 PM

The Daffodils Duvet completely reminds me of the bedsheets my mom would always use in the 80s. Funky! Granted I hated them growing up..

Bright & Colorful Bedding
3/11/11 01:04 PM

The "minimalist" bedrooms always seem like they'd be really cold--temperature wise. =P

Dream Bedrooms: Maximalist or Minimalist?
3/11/11 12:30 PM

OMG LOVE that blue velvet couch. I want to make love on it. =)

Sneak Peek: Emily Henderson's Secrets From a Stylist

2/26/11 03:38 AM

Ikea all the way. Something doesn't feel right about spending $30 to dry your greens!

Spin Right Around: 5 Salad Spinners to Consider
2/22/11 01:12 AM