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I commented on facebook already but just wanted to echo many others here that this place is warm, inviting, the textures are wonderful, and the lovely photography really pops against the neutral colors. There is so much personality here without being overwhelming and I would feel totally comfortable hanging out in a place like this. Great space.

Jesse's Modern Bachelor Pad House Tour
1/20/14 12:37 PM

Great finds! Really loving both Moroccan shag/diamond rugs. I'm not crazy about the alt cofee table but I imagine you could make a hairpin leg coffee table similar to the top one for about $100-$200 and it'd be a near exact matching room.

One Design, Two Budgets: An Organic Modern, Eclectic Living Room
1/19/14 02:07 PM

I wish all clothing came sized by inches like most mensware is (here in the US anyway), it would make buying clothes a lot easier.

Would You Organize Your Closet By Size?
1/13/14 04:33 PM

I don't really know a good way to sort by seasonal though, I think that's my biggest problem. Sure storing sweaters away in summer is easy enough, but a lot of the dressy-ish sleeveless shirts, or even just sheer shirts I wear in winter too layered under a cardigan, dress or even under a sweater. And I wear my cardigans in summer too when it's going to be cold in my office with the AC. Jeans I wear year round. Skirts, trousers and even leggings I wear 75% of the year. The hanger idea is a good idea though if I only had enough space to hang everything.

One Minute with a Professional Organizer:
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1/13/14 04:05 PM

I've seen this before (was it a previous house call?)... anyhow, it's just as lovely as before. The dark moody walls are fantastic! It's very well done for such a small space.

Joshua's "Vintage Primary" Room
10/6/10 10:47 AM

Kelly your vintage style design is very lovely, though I'm not the biggest fan of lilac. I love the chandelier! It's very simple but elegant. Where is it from? Great concept. Good luck in the contest. :)

Kelly's "Moody Luxe" Bedroom
10/6/10 10:44 AM

hmmm I'm one of those people that doesn't care if people think I "butchered" a vintage piece of furniture. I bought it, it's in my house for my comfort/pleasure so I'd paint it, stain it or upholster it what colors I like. ;) These people that owned the vintage piece to begin with owned it as brand new sparkling furniture, why would I not have the right to make a piece fit my home. It's only furniture after all. It's just a THING.

Considering Refinishing an Antique or Vintage Find
9/14/10 09:36 AM

wow... love this gorgeous idea, and how could you not smile waking up to that view!? For any mosquito problems you could just hang mosquito nets where the bamboo shades are.

Bill Beth's Sleeping Porch Closeup | Apartment Therapy DC
7/10/10 11:54 AM

In the second to last photo the table reminds me of an old school Nintendo remote. haha!

The Elaborate Media Walls of Vismara Design | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
7/9/10 11:21 PM