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Hey! I think that was my terrarium! I had one just like it and donated it to charity in the late 70s. I was just talking to someone about it yesterday. How very strange for this to be the first thing I saw this morning. I think its trying to come home!

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4/28/11 01:42 PM

Can you tell me how you painted the cabinets? I am a painting virgin. I'm not kidding. I have old cabinets that are chipping and I wonder about the brush lines/smoothness of different methods. Your kitchen looks amazing by the way. Really tasteful and cool at the same time!

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11/10/10 02:27 PM

Oh, I forgot to mention that the chips are on kitchen cabinets and they are painted with the shiny-ish type of paint. Still spackle? Thanks!

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8/12/10 03:11 PM

Does anyone have any suggestions for covering up chips that have already been touched up (by landlord) that still show the outline of the original chip? I've NEVER painted and I plan on becoming an expert thanks to all you.

Cutting In: What's Your Preference?
8/12/10 01:24 PM

I've got chips on my kitchen cabinets that have been touched up by the landlord and although the color is the same, you can see the outline of the original chip. Anyone know how I can repair and prevent that going forward?

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8/12/10 12:51 PM

Good things come to those who wait....I've had a hammock for 23 years. Bought it on my honeymoon and I still have it (even though the marriage is now defunct!). I never had a place to hang it. I do now and I hung it this past weekend. Heaven! Pure blissful relaxation!

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7/13/10 10:44 AM