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I agree with Kris0218, it's weird how many readers don't want guests. I renovated my place thinking a lot about how I would have guests. Learned from my previous place: Bedrooms far apart to have enough privacy. Bathroom not too close to the dining room. I do stress a bit when I know people will come, I want everything clean, I want to give a good impression. But in the end, when they arrive isn't what is life all about sharing good time with good friends ?

Reality Check: Do You Really Like Having Overnight Guests
7/26/11 03:16 PM

I agree with kariwk and suzee.
If you own, go with the real deal.
Tiling is not that hard and not that expensive.
I know it takes a lot of patience, but it's well worth it. I personally don't like temporary solutions, you are not building a theatre or movie set for one scene, it's your house and you will see it everyday.


Can I Really Paint My Ceramic Floor Tiles?
Good Questions

8/18/10 12:24 PM


I had the exact same challenge last week... I went with
White... Avalanche White to be precise.

here are just prior to grouting (the glue looks like grey grout):

after the Avalanche:

I wanted not to have too much texture because I already had a brick chimney next to the kitchen.

I'm happy with the result. But it was a tough decision.
Hope it helps someone.

good luck with you projects.

I also went with not brick pattern with the backsplash.

Don't forget to seal the grout, this way the white will not get yellowish in time if you opt for white.

What Color Grout with New Counters Tile? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
7/8/10 04:24 PM