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You can make great desserts with paneer too. My family originally hails from the so-called dessert capital of India - West Bengal, and they have some amazing paneer desserts, where the basis of using the paneer is to shape the fresh milk curds into balls and cook them in syrup (rasgullas) or/and add them to cardamom-infused sweet milk (rasamallai) - delish! Try this for inspiration:

Cooking with Fresh Cheese: Indian Paneer
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2/24/12 10:26 AM

I found it interesting and just recently noticed, that whenever I go back to see relations in India, most kitchens don't come equipped with ovens. This perhaps explains all the flatbreads, use of tandoors. Cakes and baked goods are relatively recent introductions from the West, and a lot of homes celebrate birthdays with more traditional desserts like rice puddings.

Cultural Differences in Kitchens | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/6/10 12:30 PM