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After the flood descended upon my condo from the neighbor upstairs, I have been pondering how to redo my ceilings. This just jumped to #1 with a bullet!

Before & After: A Sorry-Looking Ceiling Gets Some Stunning DIY Ingenunity
4/28/14 11:48 AM

Source for the atomic light fixture in the stairway?

Lovely home!

Jane's Patterned Family Pad in London House Tour
3/11/14 02:31 PM

Nothing wrong with facing cans and stuff in your cabinets!

Looks awesome!

Lauren's Eclectic San Francisco Apartment House Tour
3/10/14 01:20 PM

I am going to agree that the TV could be mounted via "over-the-door type brackets" but the cables would be tricky. I would use a very light TV- the newest ones seem to be fairly light.

The idea is really cool, and could probably be done if you were building/designing a closet, but I would not attempt it in a rental you cannot make major changes to.

Should I Mount My TV to My Closet Door? Good Questions
1/21/14 12:24 PM

I have over 900 CDs. I was in a similar situation, and currently use the Ikea Bonde shelves and CD drawers, which they sadly no longer make. They are excellent! Sometimes you can still find them.

I think you need to play the long game here. I would take the following steps. I have done this to myself.

#1 Help your husband digitize all his CDs. Not so you can get rid of them, just so it is easier to listen to them sometimes. I bought an old bubble mac and use a 1TB external hard drive to hold everything. The old bubble macs look cool, but the newer macs can update to current iTunes, so have some advantages. I paid like $60 on Ebay, with shipping, for mine. External hard drives are dropping in price like crazy. This is dedicated only to playing music- it is too slow to do anything else on, which is why it was so cheap.

#2 Wire this to his stereo. I use an Apple Airport so mine is wireless. It is so easy to play music through this, I never use the CD player now. I can search, play albums, play random or use playlists. My GF has done this at her house as well. Music has never been easier! We also have speakers in our kitchens now.

#3 I upgraded the stereo in my car, rather inexpensively, to a stereo that plays mp3s on thumb drives, I never use the CD player in my car now. I can hold hundreds of CDs worth of music on a single thumb drive. See if you can get his stereo to play mp3s. Many newer cars have this capability already. Whenever I travel I have a thumb drive for the rental car.

Now I find myself looking at my CDs, wondering why I need them. I have already decided to go through and only keep the stuff that is important to me. I didn't even realize I was running a long game on myself, because I swore I would never get rid of CDs. Now I am.

Funny thing, now I am thinking about my books. My GF gave me an iPad, and suddenly I am thinking about thinning out a bunch of my books! Technology sneaks up on you!

Ideas for Storing 1000 CDs in Super Small Apartment? Good Questions
1/10/14 10:40 AM

Live and let live and all, but what a crying shame.

Before & After: An Art Deco Makeover Akicsihaz
5/15/13 04:20 PM

I also suggest re-purposing the rooms. I would be knocking down walls to open up the room that is now the "middle of the house" bedroom.

What To Do with \"Tacked-On\" Room? Good Questions
4/22/13 01:39 PM

Get permission to take it out, along with that hideous ceiling fan! The shelves look like they are just tacked onto the wall. Shouldn't be hard to pull out.

How To Treat Awkward Living Room with Even More Awkward Built-in? Good Questions
4/19/13 11:41 AM

Nice they got a good home. A blogger I read recently had to give up a cat. He wasn't allergic, it was just that the new addition did not seem to be happy with the home or the other animals- dogs and cats. It stayed hidden away all the time. He decided it was best for the cat and found it a new home. He just visited, and the cat was incredibly happy with the home, people and one dog. Probably more happy than it ever would have been at his place. It was out and about playing diva. A happy ending for all!

Giving Up Your Pets: A Happy Ending
4/10/13 10:02 AM

My grandmother used to have that entire bedroom set! It was a dresser, bureau, night stands, and headboard with with built in shelves! After she replaced it, it sat for years in her basement. She had a matching dinning room set- tables, chairs and china cabinet- as well. The china cabinet might still be in the basement. Hilarious! Thanks for the visit down memory lane!

I always wondered what you could do to freshen that style up. I would not have chosen that, but to each their own! I hope they enjoy it! I think those things last forever!

Before & After: Cristin's Mod Podge
Buffet Makeover

4/10/13 09:49 AM

I bought a condo 6 years ago and moved in. The upstairs neighbor started in on me immediately about doors and cabinets shutting too loud. She complained of other stuff with little notes. I live a fairly quite lifestyle and the neighbors all told her they had no problem with me. Finally she banged on my door one morning and complained that my "extra evening" activities were too loud, with the young lady standing behind me. I told her we live in close proximity to 5 units and there was gong to be some noise. She said "Very funny!" I told her to %&$* off and never speak to me again. She hasn't in 6 years. The perfect neighbor! We hear each other and it is no big deal. I try to keep my noise down if I know she is home, but I do get to live my life. On two occasions I have asked her to take an air purifier off the floor because it was causing some weird reverberation that was really loud! Louder than the actual machine. She did. I do not turn on my bass amp if she is home. My dog barks, as dose my GF's when they are over. They only bark if somebody or some animal is outside. They are supposed to do that. I do not worry about it. We now coexist!

How Do I Deal with Neighbor's Excessive Noise Complaints? Good Questions
2/20/13 01:10 PM

I like the Xlerator hand dryer better then Dyson's. Using Dyson's model that is out now, I always feel like I have to make sure not to touch the sides. With the Xlerator, I feel like I am getting a germ free experience. Plus, I can lose ideas in the Xlerator stream of air!

Apartment Therapy at the Unveiling of Dyson's Newest Invention NYC - February 2013
2/12/13 10:08 AM

Sheetrock in is yours. Take it down. Don't worry about it. You do not need permission for minor repairs and such. You can change shower curtain rods, install shower doors, put up a bathroom cabinet, crown molding and such. Unless you have super restrictive documents. It is good that you checked the docs, however. If it is not specifically mentioned, you probably do not have to worry about it.

When you buy a place, in the closing documents you agree to be governed by a set of documents if they exist. Nobody has to give them to you. It is your responsibility to ask for them, get them and learn them. I read mine before I ever even considered bidding on my condo. I like them. People cannot trash up the place! I have asked the COA to enforce rules. I have also been on the board. It is amazing what people think they can do.

Can I Remove Bathroom Grab Bar in Condo? Good Questions
1/23/13 04:39 PM

I would try to buy matching, smooth wood trim and use it to cover the damage, pretending it was built like that! Then touch up anything not covered. I have some on my cabinets to cover gaps between the cabinets and the not straight wall. You can get it pre-finished from lots of places.

To really repair, you would need somebody to re-laminate the entire end.

How Can I Repair Wood Veneer Damaged by Painter's Tape? Good Questions
1/14/13 12:29 PM

That dog is an identical twin to my mother's old dog. Oh, and a beautiful house. I really like the leather dining chairs.

Chay's Lake Hollywood Spanish Hideaway House Tour
1/3/13 02:05 PM

Dinning room! Where your table is now can be a little breakfast/coffee nook.

Is the room long enough for bowling? Do you like to bowl?

Ideas for Big Empty Space Between Rooms? Good Questions
10/25/12 03:38 PM

I grew up listening to vinyl. I remember the needle hiss and crackly sound from worn out albums. Even from new albums. I get none of that from CDs or even high quality digital files. I have no desire ever going back to vinyl. I do, however, like analog amplifiers. Those do seem to add a little bit of warmth that digital amps are lacking- true with instrument amplification.

For photography, some B&W film and color slide film produce incredible images, but digital is just so much easier and is always improving. Digital not only changes the way you develop, but the way you shoot- you can shoot to your hearts content and then edit in camera or computer. You no longer have to develop a bunch of film to pick and choose your best shots. I had to learn a new way to shoot, but one that awards you with higher quality pictures.

Yesterday vs. Today: Comparing
Analog & Digital

10/22/12 11:40 AM

I know a young kid who has been on one for these for a while- his dad is an avid biker and racer. He is a little bad mofo on it, and is really pretty good. His dad just got him a metal version from another manufacturer with a pedal assembly that comes off until it is needed.

This weekend I was at Atlanta's Streets Alive, and saw this little guy during the bike parade.

He was moving and having a grand old time!

Early Rider Balance Bikes Test Lab Review
10/12/12 07:24 PM

I lived next to train tracks for years in college. It got so I could not even hear them anymore. Now I live 2 miles from an interstate highway, but the sound can travel up the river to me. I used to hear it. Rarely now.

I would hate to see those windows covered, but you could always cover any in the bedroom when you sleep. Also whit/pink noise or music when you go to bed. I have no noise coming in my bedroom, but I like going to sleep with music. It distracts my mind and I fall asleep quickly. My iPod timer turns it off after 30 minutes.

Soundproofing Ideas for Highway Noise? Good Questions
10/12/12 11:38 AM

Wow! Nice catch on the pool table by croake! Looks like somebody did a little cutting and DIYing on their heads. I would strip them down and see what you have. A shame they are not whole.

Ideas for Inherited Entryway Lions? Good Questions
10/11/12 09:38 AM