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What the heck is WRONG with adults who ask to crash at friend's houses anyway? This is fine when you're a college student, but an adult with a job who can obviously pay for a hotel (and if they can't maybe they should rethink traveling to another city), come on! The only people allowed to stay at our place overnight are parents and close relatives and very close friends.

This is probably preaching to the choir, but you should never ask someone if you can stay at their house. If they know you're going to be in town and they want you to stay, they'll offer. When you ask you're putting them in an awkward situation.

The Awkward Files: When (and How) to Say No to Hosting Houseguests
7/31/14 03:59 AM

I can't tell for sure from these photos, but it looks like the beige paint that's above your french doors stops at the door frame, calling even more attention to the fridge. I say paint all the walls one color to help with the cohesiveness. I know money doesn't grow on trees, but I'd also replace the fridge and the built-in oven with stainless eventually. The white isn't doing your nice remodel justice and I think stainless would go well with your cabinet hardware.

What Should I Do with Awkward Space above Fridge? Good Questions
7/23/14 11:56 AM

Gelato is like ice cream's sexy Eurpean cousin. Makes ice cream seem kinda frumpy. Salted caramel gelato is heaven.

What's the Difference Between Ice Cream and Gelato? Word of Mouth
7/15/14 06:51 PM

Great points. I think for too long the "American Dream" has been buying the most house you can afford (or not really afford, hence the housing crash), living in it for a few years, then selling so you can buy a bigger, more expensive house to prove you've "made it." Rather than being a place to live and make memories, owning a home has turned into a race to see how much you can spend without actually going broke and always wanting to "level up" to something bigger/better. This is great for mortgage companies, investors, and realtors, but isn't sustainable for the average person.

We're looking to buy again, but this time I've stopped thinking of a home as an investment, rather a place where we can live comfortably and have access to things we need (stores, parks) and still have money left over for saving and experiences. In 20 years we probably won't remember putting new siding on the house, but we might remember a fun family vacation.

One Inspiring Reason For Owning a Home Comment of the Day
7/8/14 06:16 PM

I think getting into a client's head and really understanding what will delight them is a special skill not all can master - well done!

One request is that in posts like this, please place the bullets describing what's in each room close to or just above the photo showing the room. I found myself scrolling up and down to match the source with the photo. Thanks!

A West Village Modern Makeover Full of Affordable Furniture Finds Professional Project
6/15/14 10:41 AM

This is a non-question. Next...

How Do I Hide a Built-In Microwave? Good Questions
6/4/14 09:58 AM

Jealous of that patio!

Lynn's Treehouse Small Cool Contest
6/3/14 11:30 PM

I see how they tucked storage cabinets into the wall above the bed that's in the stairwell ceiling. Smart!

Olivia's Earthquake Cottage Small Cool Contest
6/3/14 10:03 AM

The kitchen sink faucet plumbing running down the wall is stunning. Love the use of brass, natural steel and wood.

Warbach's East Austin \"Shouse\" House Tour
6/2/14 09:00 AM

Excellent post. We're looking at buying a home in the near future and have made the "radical?" decision that we'd rather live smaller and have more of our money going toward vacations, investing, etc. I think so many people get caught up in the "bigger is better" mentality, or keeping up with the neighbors, that they never stop to think about what makes sense for them and their family. For us, financial security is worth more than a big lawn and extra rooms we'd never use. We also bring our lunch:)

Real Life on a Budget: Eleanor's Money Saving Tips & Ideas Budget Living
5/28/14 03:43 PM

So lovely! May I suggest for your bed the Room & Board Parsons: I think this would look killer in your room!

Before & After Room Transformation: Colleen & Pete's Attic to Bedroom Suite
5/19/14 05:49 PM

This is why I would avoid buying a home with a kitchen that didn't fit my taste/needs and was too new just to rip out and remodel. I wouldn't feel right about spending lots of money ripping something apart that looked okay but just wasn't quite "right" (even though I have to live with it everyday and pay the darn mortgage!).

My Kitchen Was Designed for Someone Else: What I Would Change, and What I Wouldn't Kitchen Diary: Anne in South Carolina
5/19/14 05:29 PM

Search "modifyinteriors" on this page for info about the microwave/oven.

"The microwave is a convection oven which is like having a real oven and actually can bake a chicken etc."

Kitchen Before & After: A Cramped Shoebox Kitchen Gets Gorgeously Gray Professional Kitchen Remodel
4/25/14 05:17 PM

It's not a rug, but we purchased a Chilewich mat from Room and Board for our dining area:

It helps to anchor the space and provides some cushion and protection from the cold tile floor, yet it's easy to clean. Just wipe and sweep. Granted, we don't have children so we haven't tested what it would be like if food fell like rain on it two times per day. Since it's a heavy plastic weave you could hose it down if needed.

Yes, Dining Room Rugs Can Be Practical If You Follow These Rules
4/22/14 01:21 PM

Since we're talking improvements, you might want to consider putting the money you would spend on the new window towards a home energy audit. I love the character of older homes, but the fact is they can cost a lot to heat and cool because of lack of insulation and cracks/holes in the envelope. Our city offers some nice reimbursements for homeowners who invest in making their homes more energy efficient.

Is It Possible to Have Larger Windows Installed in Bedroom? Good Questions
3/31/14 10:08 AM

I love you Wes!

Color Inspiration, Wes Anderson Style Wes Anderson Palettes
3/22/14 09:09 AM

We're renting so this isn't a possibility right now BUT my dream guest sleeping solution is a wall bed/Murphy bed that's integrated into a wall of book shelves. This could go in a home office that would double as a guest room. Guest get a real bed and we can get multiple used out of one room.

Top Ten: Best Sleeper Sofas & Sofa Beds Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide 2014
2/22/14 12:55 PM

The Room and Board Reese sectional is very similar to the discontinued sofa featured in this tour. Love the paprika color!

Melissa & Andrew's Paprika Perch House Tour
2/12/14 01:01 PM

I looked at many attributes in the man I eventually married and the ability to do domestic chores was not one of them. I cook, do dishes, do laundry, shop, take out garbage, etc. He offers to help clean the kitchen but I just have my way of doing things, even loading the dishwasher, and prefer to do it myself. He does things I like get the internet working, add RAM to my computer, research the hell out of technical stuff we want to buy, like a new TV, does the taxes, pays most of the bills and makes lots of money. I don't feel like I've been relegated to some menial role on our relationship. The division of labor simply comes down to both of us focusing on our strengths.

Who Does the Dishes in Your Home?
1/27/14 02:53 PM

If you hate dish cloths hanging on the faucet I'd recommended this:

Not really a space saving item, but in a small kitchen anything you can do to reduce clutter helps. I use it and love that my dish cloth isn't sitting in the sink with raw meat, etc. Sinks are notoriously full of germs.

10 Inexpensive Kitchen Helpers & Organizers We Can't Live Without The Organized Kitchen
1/23/14 11:05 AM