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I thought number 4 was a dish. Thought it was cute.

Indoor Camping Party:
Decor, Menu, + Music Apartment Therapy Perfect Party Ideas Guide

11/14/13 10:09 PM

I suppose most of these people here hang their clothes, coats. hats, gloves. shoes. etc on hooks on their walls as decorations instead of using their closets. LOL!!

Kids Closets Used as Reading Nooks
11/9/13 02:51 AM

The comments here are really really funny. I suppose most of you are in your 70's the way you speak. You all sound like my parents age. This isn't supposed to be done every evening just once in a while on a Saturday night. My husband and I go out to a movie or a show or other events with 2 other couples about twice a month and though we don't always entertain at our homes afterward we do go out to one of our favorite restaurants for a bite to eat and a drink afterwards. It's fun and enjoyable and breaks up the monotony and rigid schedule of the work week, and we are no spring chickens.

Let's Bring Back: 11:30 Suppers
11/4/13 10:54 PM


Tonight: Margaret Roach
with, Stickbulb &
Apartment Therapy Design Evenings

7/24/13 09:48 PM

Wonderful! Come design my house.

Rob's Life \"In a Musuem\" House Call
3/7/13 04:05 PM

Not impressed at all. Bloomberg is ruining this city.

adAPT NYC: The Micro Unit Design Competition Winner
1/22/13 06:18 PM

I like the Desa rug but perhaps something with a little more gray in it. Love the burgundy/gray combo.

Which Rug to Go with Very Burgundy Couch? Good Questions
1/10/13 09:38 AM

Love the space, but too much going on.

Anna & Joe's Living History in Georgetown House Tour
12/17/12 11:17 PM

Wow, what a dilemma! If your child is able to voice as to whether he or she wants to visit Santa and you don't have a problem with it do it. As a parent there are so many more important issues to worry about.

Pictures with Santa: A Worthwhile Tradition?
12/17/12 02:01 PM

Make sure it's anchored to the wall.

Resource Guide: Full Length Floor Mirrors
11/28/12 06:36 PM

On Christmas Day I have family and friends over for dinner. Along with the usual wine, mixed cocktails and such, I also make my mother-in-law's home made Puerto Rican egg nog. It has 2 kinds of rum and 2 flavors of brandy and though I make a lot of it, never have any left over.

Party Intelligence Gathering: What's Your Favorite Cocktail?
11/14/12 04:43 PM

Very cool, very fun! If I bring a gift that is originally from the 50's, may I have a visit?

Cullen's 50s Collector's Heaven in Brooklyn House Call
10/19/12 05:14 PM

Obviously this is the original 50's bathroom, very kitschy and mid century. Keep it or lose it, but don't go halfway with it. Live with it until you can afford to gut it and do it right from the bottom up that is what I did with my pink bathroom when I bought my home. Lived with it for two years { you would be surprised at how many people actually liked it that way} and then got the bathroom of my dreams. It really wasn't that bad. I played up the kitschy part of it.

Options For Pink Bathroom Tile? Good Questions
10/17/12 03:46 PM

Hi @Lilylover90028. I have the same coffee table only in nickel base. They are by Johnathan Adler.

Kellie's "Bright & Beachy" Room Room for Color Contest
10/16/12 04:00 PM

Lovely, simply lovely.

Sara's Serene & Sophisticated Home House Tour
10/12/12 12:52 PM

Vintage and what will become vintage sunglasses. I've been collecting them since I was a little girl.

What Do You Indulge in Collecting?
9/17/12 08:26 PM

You can have my old towels.

Where Can I Find Non-Fluffy Towels?? Good Questions
9/17/12 08:21 PM

I would love my own bathroom and not share it with my husband and son. One day it's going to happen. Oh and @sisero, I know exactly what you mean on both counts. Lol!

Couples with Separate Bathrooms
9/10/12 03:27 PM


"Leaves" Sculptures Stitched With Human Hair Los Angeles Times
8/30/12 08:56 PM

I'll remember this the next time I have a sudden photography session in my home.

The Simple Styling Trick that Instantly Makes Any Room Look Neater
8/29/12 09:40 PM