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One little funny/not funny warning about creatively cramming your place - we managed to stuff every nook in our former 2-bedroom condo without looking like it... to the point that when we moved and hired packers/movers, we warned them that we had a lot more stuff than it looked like and suggested more workers and time. They said nah, it's fine. It wasn't fine. We ended up finishing the job ourselves all night, with an infant, in a panic to stay on schedule for our upcoming house closing several states away.

The 10 Commandments of Keeping a Small Space Organized
4/16/14 02:00 PM

Chocolate Matzo Cake... recipes online.

7 Ways to Eat Matzo When You're Sick of It Snack Ideas from The Kitchn
4/14/14 04:59 PM

Here's a solution - get a dog obsessed with eating cat poop, so that every time the cat goes, it's a race between you and the dog to clean it up. That was us. We couldn't do anything complicated with the litter box because the cat was too geriatric to tolerate change or jumping in and out of anything.

The best bet is seriously just constant scooping/sweeping... we did it every time we used the bathroom. Now that we have a laundry room where we keep two boxes for two younger cats, it's certainly easier, but I'm disgusted at their condition with just once-per-day maintenance. That is the absolute minimum.

10 Ideas for Disguising or Hiding a Litter Box Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
4/4/14 04:21 PM

I guess it depends on your friends/neighborhood! That bar selection would seem way over the top in our circle for anything less than a holiday cocktail party... some wine and a few cold specialty beers does the trick.

Insta-Party: Pantry Items to Keep on Hand for Easy Entertaining
4/4/14 03:49 PM

Got wonder if the artist saw the finished print and said, Oh F*ck.

How Do I Look? by Sally Leach On The Wall
3/31/14 11:47 PM

Need a three-way competition between cats, small dogs and big dogs. Small dogs all the way.

Let the Cute Competition Commence: Pet Madness: Cats vs. Dogs Starts Tomorrow!
3/19/14 02:38 PM

Great topic to highlight. Ideally, homes should be designed for all generations. We're realizing we'll never have a break between the needs of the newest and oldest members of the family, and why should those be considered special accommodations? It's just normal. We'll never be getting furnishings too fancy for spills, and we'll be moving our guest area from the basement to the main level, etc...

Moving Downstairs: Thinking About Design as We Get Older With 10 Links To Start The Conversation
3/18/14 01:44 PM

Routines, so the kids will even do it unprompted sometimes. We tidy each area when we're done with it for the day - the yard toys before coming in to dinner, the living room toys after dinner, and bedroom toys between pajamas and books. And yes, make it easy - just bins in each room, so it only takes a few minutes.

A Spoonful of Sugar: 3 No-Stress Ways to Get Kids to Clean Up
3/18/14 01:19 PM

Something that matches your pet. Though if your pet(s) are both light and dark, you're just screwed ;) I learned long ago to give up on black pants.

Which Is Easier To Keep Looking Clean: Light or Dark Rugs?
2/13/14 12:34 PM

I was really tempted by praise of the Rock N Play but got scared off by numerous reports that it appears to have contributed toward serious head/neck issues for some users. There was also a recall notice due to a potential mold issue. I hate to be the wet blanket, so to speak, but would want to know to look out for those issues.

Alison's List: Baby Goods I'm Glad I Bought & Ones I Wish I Hadn't
2/12/14 01:54 PM

About diaper bags - had one but finding a backpack so much more functional! It was a chore balancing a bag on my shoulder while carrying other things (like the baby and/or car seat) or chasing a toddler, and now with two, forget it.

Alison's List: Baby Goods I'm Glad I Bought & Ones I Wish I Hadn't
2/11/14 01:34 PM

The lines between paint colors on our textured walls look perfectly clean to me. Maybe you should test-paint a wall and see whether the texture really is a problem to your eyes before going to more extreme measures.

How Do I Knock Off the Knockdown Texture? Good Questions
2/10/14 01:55 PM

I have a new problem with shredding after reading that in our area, shredded paper is not wanted in the recycling. Something to do with the fibers being less reusable. Our center suggests shredding as little as possible (like tearing off the offending information, not shredding the whole paper) or blacking out with marker.

Do You Still Use a Shredder?
2/6/14 04:19 PM

The one problem that still eludes me, both at home and away, is: drinks on low coffee/side tables! Ugh! (And people putting their phones or computer devices alongside the liquids!) I feel like all I can do is warn people that those plus kids are a dangerous mix and stay vigilant. However, it's hard for people to break the habit of putting their drink down (of course!) and tiny kids - as well as people playing with them or holding them - only have so much understanding of their crazy and unpredictable movement in space.

How To Host Kids in a Child-Free Home
2/6/14 04:12 PM

My best solution has been tackling things in tiny increments - don't sweat stopping for breaks after cleaning only 1/4 of your kitchen, etc. I find that hard but worth it. Things generally still get done, and without tears. I'm learning to cook that way too - do everything in bits and pieces, and try to think ahead and do everything that requires 2 hands when you don't need to hold anyone.

5 Strategies to Keep the House Clean (and Your Sanity Intact!) with Young Kids
2/6/14 03:36 PM

I figure it's no one else's business if some people don't like using a top sheet in their own bed... but what does bother me is that our most frequent house guests won't use our top sheets, so I don't feel like we can use those "dirty" comforters (they use one each) for other guests.

What’s the Purpose of a Flat Sheet, Anyway?
1/31/14 01:02 AM

Regarding enough light... isn't it some sort of sleep/health recommendation to follow the cues of the day, and not jack yourself up with brightness at all hours? I purposely keep my house softly lit in the evening because I think it helps my little ones ease into bedtime. I also like the cozy feel of it when you do it with pretty lamps.

12 Things Every Home Should Have
1/29/14 02:35 PM

Sometimes these things are functionally necessary... can't immediately sort the mail and put coats on hangers if I have to first tend to a baby and let dogs out, etc. The best things I ever did for our entry - even though I have an Amazing closet - is add a set of hooks over the front door for everything currently getting used constantly, and add the biggest (cool) piece of furniture I could fit for dropping mail, purse, etc. I did consider, and draw the line, at putting our ugly filing cabinet and paper shredder in the entry.

Organization Inspiration: Family Entryways from Our House Tours
1/29/14 02:16 PM

Smart for them to show that you can use Ikea without going for an Ikea look.

IKEA Goes Glam at Interior Design Show Design News
1/29/14 01:53 PM

Yup... now I try to imagine having even more than my 2 so that I can better appreciate 2 together as manageable. I got that idea from a similar sentiment from a mom of 5 that when she just has 2 with her it's nothing, and they get all kinds of things done. What?!! It's all relative.

A Counterintuitive Idea for Worn Out Parents to Feel Reinvigorated
1/27/14 12:35 PM