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@RMF325 I believe the coffee table is Restoration Hardware too. The dining table too.

Patricia & Daniel's Master Crafted Sausalito Houseboat House Tour
8/27/12 01:02 AM

Check out HOTTEA's string art in MPLS for string inspiration. With a recent installation at the MIA- it takes string art WAY beyond that elementary school level.


DIY Nail & Yarn Wall Art Jen Loves Kev
7/31/12 12:20 AM

*another* (yikes)

Wide Load: Is Bigger Furniture Better?
New York Times

1/11/12 12:01 AM

AT- I think you are a pot-stirrer! Here you are posting a piece that ridicules large pieces of furniture- and yet on the same day you have anything piece entitled "Using Scale to Make a Statement."

I love how you make us think. Or not.

Wide Load: Is Bigger Furniture Better?
New York Times

1/11/12 12:00 AM

I'm with Lisa (Montreal) on the mass-production aspect of it, yet that is one of the things I like about it. Eames and so many others beloved that the masses deserved beauty in their homes just as much as the rich did.

I also enjoy the nostalgia of it, and the hunt- but like many others, moderation in everything we do.

Poll: What Do You Love Most about Mid-Century Modernism?
11/2/11 11:25 PM

I will be investing in LED's- but slowly. I agree that at this time they are a higher price, but one at a time- it is the same price as a night at the movies!

Would You Pay $25 for an LED Lightbulb?
10/18/11 08:45 PM

all this talk of "massive, oversized pieces" leads me to believe that many people have not truly checked out Restoration Hardware's furniture. Most of their sofas are available in the same dimensions as Crate and Barrel or PB's sofas. Ditto for coffee tables. I have one- is a perfect fit in my small apartment. As far as being "too out there for Middle America" I think you are doing a great disservice to Middle America- what- are we all expected to shop at Target for our furniture? ;)

Restoration Hardware Redux or...
How Gary Friedman is Intent on Building Something The World Has Never Seen

6/20/11 11:26 PM

Don't forget about Restoration Hardware's Kensington sofa- solid construction and a great scale.

High/Low: Tufted Sofas & Chairs
6/12/11 09:07 PM

Hunt and Gather is a great resource! Looks like you scored some great finds! Love the color scheme as well.

Casey's Modern Minneapolis Bachelor Pad
House Tour

6/2/11 12:07 AM

french vintage upholstered chairs are a great juxtaposition next to the rough nature of the table. <http://restorationhardware.com/catalog/product/product.jsp?productId=prod1617246&categoryId=search>

Chairs To Match Industrial Style Dining Table?
Good Questions

5/8/11 12:54 AM

I agree. Ceiling Tiles make great, reasonably-priced backsplashes.

Paint Colors To Accent Mustard Yellow Stove?
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5/3/11 11:36 PM

bluecanary- i think a chesterfield does really well in most settings. Your Eames chair WOULD go well. The trick is to not settle in with the masculine leather vibe. Shake it up. Check out the "Den Update" about Morgan's den from The Brick House Blog. (posted a few pages back) She's using a chesterfield in her den and she is definitely a mid-century sort of girl.

Trend Watch: Chesterfields, Union Jacks & Cool Britannia
High Point Market Spring 2011

4/8/11 12:12 PM

dre.k- you are fooling yourself. Very little furniture is made in the US anymore. Room and Board has cornered the market on that one- and their prices reflect the American Artisans building the pieces and the American lumber that is being used for them.
I think it is ignorant and racist to portray "Made in China" as a bad thing. In this day and age there are many skilled craftsmen/women working in China- What is wrong with a person in China creating a beautiful piece of furniture? If your concern is mass production- welcome to the present.
Ikea doesn't make a damn thing in the US- but because it is cheap- it is ok?

Florid Language: Restoration Hardware's New Catalog
3/31/11 09:56 PM

I want to know what AT has against Restoration Hardware?
I wonder how many people have actually looked into the dimensions of the HUGE pieces. Many of the sofas are available in 72" lengths or shorter. The 1970's sofa I'm sitting on right now is 72"...

I think the Dutch Shipyard shelving is gorgeous, as is the Dutch Industrial bookcase (weren't we all just drooling over these a month or two ago?) I live in a small city apartment and either of these pieces would be fantastic in my home.

Florid Language: Restoration Hardware's New Catalog
3/30/11 12:16 AM

I think this chair would look sweet in the dark gray velvet offered on the Restoration Hardware website. The burlap would be an interesting juxtaposition against the velvet.

I really dig Restoration Hardware's new look- (not that this post was about them) It is a classic European look that has been around for ages- and blends really well with other styles. i think the neutral palette they've created always for a LOT of flexibility when bringing in your own colors.
I've sat in the chair- it is as comfortable as any other wingback. Do you buy wingbacks for style or comfort?

What Do You Think of Domed Chairs?
3/27/11 12:47 AM

@jenawithonen- can't any lamp be hardwired? Couldn't one just cut the cord and wire the lamp in? (I am not an electrician- but I've always thought this to be the case)

10 Swing Arm Lamps for the Bedside and Beyond
3/22/11 12:54 PM

@Arkay what about cord covers? Your idea for the curly cord sounds cute- but the cord cover is quick and painless in the meantime.

Accordion Lamps for Bedside Lighting
3/21/11 01:53 PM

Restoration Hardware has a great, limited collection of whites. Not too overwhelming.
Their Mediterranean White, Cloud White and Linen are all great soft whites.

Help Selecting White Paint Brands & Shades?
Good Questions

2/19/11 11:14 PM

$12 Ikea Lamps are awesome, but I think it is apples and oranges to compare Ikea to anything else. Ikea has its place. You want the real deal (or a high-quality "knock-off" ) then you pay.

Source For Wall Mounted Lights?
Good Question

2/4/11 10:51 AM

restoration hardware has chairs in burlap. i'm still undecided about them. They have pillows as well.

Simply Beautiful Burlap
1/30/11 08:46 PM