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Well hello, it’s Michael (Micheal) here – yes – the actual guy featured in this project. I have to thank everyone who has had an opinion and been engaged in this process from the beginning. It happily reminds me that we are all certainly entitled to our own opinions and creative perspective – the good, the bad and the ugly, and all of your comments have been greatly welcomed, and some comments have brought a big smile to my face. My gosh, how boring the world would be otherwise!

In all honesty, I am very grateful to have been a part of this process! I really do like the way the room turned out, and greatly appreciate the time and efforts that went into this project. It’s certainly made for a very exciting and interesting summer 2010! If you know me, you’d know that I am an extremely private person – a true Scorpio at heart, and allowing strangers into my space, and everyone who follows Apartment Therapy, has helped me to tear down some personal walls I tend to put up.

What should I address first? The cowboy boots or the color? Oddly, the color is something I suggested inspired by a picture of a Tuscan home a friend of mine gave me years ago, and it was also inspired by the antique map of France that my great grandfather left me. (I couldn’t be happier with how it was framed – I love it!) Having said that, I originally thought Maxwell was going to go with a green, like a pear green, and I was excited about that. And, then, when he proposed the other 4 colors, my jaw dropped – esp. the pinks. Going with a lighter green would have been well within my comfort zone, but the “poppy petal” drew me outside of my comfort zone, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You have to know that it photograpahs a lot lighter than you might think - it's actually farily dark and richer at night, which I like Today, it is still a color of great conversation among my friends and family, and oddly, it’s a color that I stare at nightly wondering how I feel about it. It makes the room feel bigger. Poppy petal –it’s definitely a color that evokes happiness and a sense of calm.

I love the sofa and some of the antique pieces incorporated into the room! Thanks, Joe! I also love the wall of curtains, which brings an entirely different feel into the room and makes it really cozy and softer.

I have since made a few changes to find a balance between who I am and what has been presented to me. Many of you are right, when I first saw the finished room, I though, ODG, they recreated my grandparents living room. Even the butler coffee table is one that my grandparents owned and one that my parents have, so I kind of laughed to myself when it was introduced to room. Since the project, I actually put the Italian marble dining room table outside on a little terrace that I sit and write at in the morning and at night after work. I re-introduced my darker wood dining room table to the room, which actually pulls in the living room area and makes the room feel more cohesive and modern.

I also moved the framed map to the wall above my sofa, so it balances the “poppy petal” wall and also brings some color to that side of the room. On the poppy petal wall, I hung a gallery of photos (not in a schizophrenic way,) but very well thought-out and honestly the color really brings out the detail in many of the pictures, and also helps to “detract” from the wall and incorporates more of me back into the room.

To be honest, the rug is gone – I will replace it with something a little more modern and that will work better with some throw pillows on the sofa to bring additional color and pop to the living room.

I know the room may feel old”er”, but I’ve really worked to balance that; the kitchen (which is very modern) opens up to the living room and the wall color ties into the kitchen cabinets. I thinkin person, the space may seem more balanced to you than you can see from the limitied pictures on the site.

Prior to this project, I lived in smaller studio spaces which were easier to decorate, for me, but the larger space overwhelmed me and I wasn’t sure which direction to go in. Since the “re-do” I feel a lot more inspired to create a warm and inviting space that represents me, and one that I feel comfortable in.


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