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My daughter started using one at about 17 months. She too, was putting her head on a stuffed animal she sleeps with. My mom bought her a pillow pet, which she LOVED, so we let her take it to bed with her and that's what she uses. She's 19 months now. When she goes to bed every night she pats the pillow a few times and then lays her head down on it, it's the sweetest thing.

When Did They Start Using a Pillow?
1/26/11 04:16 PM

We keep one for our daughter, but we also use it as a place to bookmark stuff for US to remember we liked for her when it comes time to buy something. I never give it out unless someone asks for gift ideas, and then I tell them that they do NOT have to stick to the registry or buy the exact thing on the registry - it's an idea list, but I don't care if people just glance at it and say "ohhh she's really into dolls! I saw an adorable doll at the store the other day that's not on this list, I'll get that!"

As a mom to an 18 month old, I can also say that I really appreciate there being a list out there for friends' kids, especially now that I know what a lot of space all that kid stuff can take up - I don't want to buy their kid something the kid already has or won't want - a list is a nice starting point for figuring out what might be a good gift!

Gift Registries for Kids: Good Idea or Bad Form?
12/15/10 05:31 PM

My daughter goes to a small, in home daycare. Last year we got the woman who runs it a beautiful glass ornament as well as a gift card to dunkin donuts (she loooooooves their coffee). I'm not sure what we'll do this year - what I struggle with is that we don't have a huge budget for gift giving, but this is the woman who cares for our child forty hours ever week, you know? She's really super important to us and to our daughter, so I have to fight the urge to go overboard sometimes!

Ideas for Holiday Gift for Daycare Providers
Good Questions

10/28/10 12:57 PM

Just want to say that you do NOT have to remove the seat of a Bugaboo Bee in order to fold it up, no matter if the seat is facing you or facing away from you. They told us in the store that if the seat was facing you, it would have to be removed in order to be folded up. When we got home we found this to be completely untrue, it can fold up either way.

You DO need both hands to fold/unfold the Bee, which is maybe my only complaint about it so far. We live on the second floor of a house and I have been sort of practicing hauling the Bee up and down to get used to it and for me, the weight is fine. If I lived on like a fourth floor walk up, I would probably feel differently :)

It's nice that you can take the seat out of the frame (by the way, you can buy a carseat adapter for it so that you can use a carseat at first, but for me that was counterproductive since I didn't want to have to fuss with different components such as a carseat/bassinett attachment...but the option does exist at least) so that if you need to pack up a car and that makes it easier, you have the option, but I want to reiterate that you do NOT have to in order to fold it up. Sorry to hammer the point home, but everyone told us you did and it very nearly kept us from purchasing it and then we never would have known the truth!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Lightweight Stroller Recommendations?
4/29/09 04:40 PM

Hi there,

We're expecting our first in June, so we haven't actually tried out the stroller we went with, but I figured you might benefit from the research we did when deciding which to get! We looked at both the Bugaboo Bee and the City Mini from Baby Jogger. I was totally, 100% sold on the City Mini for the longest time (find a store that has it and ask them to show you how it folds - you'll be sold on it too!) but when it came time to purchase, I had enough doubts put in my head about using it with a newborn that I went with the Bugaboo instead.

The people at the store told me that the City Mini was recommended for use from like six months and up, but that a lot of parents plopped their newborn right into it anyway and it was fine. This may be the case, but I talked to some family members who persuaded me that I shouldn't use it that way. Now, you *can* buy a bassinett attachment for the City Mini, I believe, but it costs AS MUCH as the stroller itself and then you have this large bassinett attachment to deal with.

The Bugaboo literally had every single thing we were looking for. We needed it to be small, lightweight, forward and rear facing, and suitable from birth on up. It literally meets every one of these criteria, so we got it.

One word to the wise about the Bugaboo - when we were in the store it seemed very confusing and difficult to fold/unfold. We wound up getting it anyway and I'm really pleased with it. In the comfort of our own home, with access to the actual instruction manual, it turns out that folding/unfolding/removing the seat and turning the seat around are actually pretty easy to master. It's not the fastest or easiest fold on the market, but I would say don't be discouraged if it seems impossible in the store - we've had it at home for a couple of weeks now and we're both pros and dealing with the folding and unfolding.

Hopefully that helps, and I recognize that the Bugaboo is absurdly expensive, but being city dwellers who plan to use and abuse their stroller, I was happy to go for the more expesnive stroller in the hopes that it's the only one we ever need. To me it'll be well worth the money if it really is the only stroller we ever use. If it's not, then lesson learned I guess (it's also by far the most expensive baby item we bought, the one piece we allowed ourselves a splurge on because as I said, it's a crucial piece of equipment for us)!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Lightweight Stroller Recommendations?
4/29/09 02:39 PM

I actually just got the same set of cards and I do plan to buy something like the Dignitet curtain wire from Ikea and just hanging them from that with some metal clips. We have a pretty narrow chunk of wall they're going to have to go on, so we're planning on doing four or five rows of the curtain wire. I'm not sure how this will look, but in my head it seems right! If it turns out that it looks awful, then we'll probably just spell her name with them on a shelf and use the rest for playtime or something!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: How to Display Charley Harper Cards?
2/19/09 03:11 PM

I don't have an option of when my heat goes on, and I also don't have the option of adjusting the thermostat. I live in a house with four units and the thermostat is in one of the first floor units but ONLY the landlords (who live next door in a separate house) are allowed to adjust it at all. I'm all for conserving energy and money, so I'm pretty happy to just wear a heavey sweatshirt, scarf, and slippers when I'm inside, but I do think it's a little irritating that I can't adjust the temperature in my own apartment.

I mean, sometimes the heat is on and it's WAY too hot because we're on the second floor, you know? When that happens we usually just crack a window to air it out a bit and then the landlords yell at us that we're letting money fly out the windows. It's like, I understand but I'm also slowly roasting and have no choice in the matter...

Apartment Therapy Boston | Survey: When Do You Turn Your Heat On?
10/8/08 10:17 AM

Hooray! At last!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Welcome: AT Boston!
9/18/08 04:43 AM

lurker2209, I think you're being too literal about the clean kitchen sink. I don't think the tip means that your sink should be sparkly, I think it means that it shouldn't have dirty dishes in it - if you clean up your dirty dishes it'll go a long way towards making the room seem cleaner.

I agree with this totally, and the rest of the tips too. Of course, it's not as simple as it seems, because all of the places mentioned (sink, bed, coffee/dining tables, etc) are the places where the most stuff seems to gather, so they're the places that require the most effort to keep clear. Still, it's worth it to do so, if you ask me.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Simple Clean: Pay Attention to Just One Item In Every Room
9/15/08 12:59 PM

*crossing fingers*

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair in Red
7/14/08 08:06 AM

Would look great on my off white Poang!

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Judy Ross' Seeds Pillow
7/3/08 09:53 AM

Wow, eowes, that is just the bleakest, saddest picture of Americans I've seen in a long time. 'Bob' needs to act like a rational adult and realize that while yes, 4,000 sq ft of space may be nice, it is a full on luxury and he COULD live in a MUCH smaller space with his family if he CHOSE to.

I think the thing often missing from these conversations is a very clear cut distinction between NEED and CHOICE/WANT. I fall into the trap all the time myself - when we're purging or getting ready to participate in my in-law's big yard sale every year I often find myself saying "Oh but I need that". I don't mean that I NEED it, I mean that I really love/want it and would rather not give it up.

I teach an ethics class where one of the chapters is about the environment and consumerism and the first thing I always try to do is get the class to acknowledge that what you NEED to live - to just stay alive - is very, very little. Food/water, shelter, climate appropriate clothing. With just those things you could stay alive. Every semester it's a battle of the wills with people INSISTING that they NEED cars, phones, etc. Even though I tell them that we're talking about pure survival, they often just don't get it. There's a huge, huge gap there. You truly NEED very little, the rest are just luxuries, and it's up to 'Bob' and the rest of the humans on the planet (not just in America) to know when they're cluttering their lives with so many luxuries that it's making it difficult for other people to survive around them.

I don't buy the fact that Bob needs to take baby steps, I'm sorry but I don't. Sorry this is so long, it just gets me worked up every semester. Didn't mean to pick on Bob so much either :)

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | A Dwell Reader on Small HomesDwell: June 2008
6/17/08 03:29 AM

We bought a very similar thing for $5 on clearance at a pet store last year. Honestly seemed like a BRILLIANT thing at the time, but we've used it once. Not worth it. I mean we didn't pay $60 for it, but still...not worth it.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Charlybox: Canteen for Your Canine
6/10/08 11:45 AM

Okay, I just went to the Shade Store to see about cost because I'm looking at roman blinds for my living room. It seems, according to their cost that ONE roman shade for ONE of my windows would run me about $321.00 and that's with NO extra frills whatsoever, just the shade. I don't own my home and haven't had a lot of experience decorating, but is that NORMAL?? Because I mean....$321?!?! For one shade!? Maybe if you told me that was the price to outfit the five windows in my living room I wouldn't be as shocked. Man, it's going to take me a while to recover from that one!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Dwell Studio for The Shade Store
5/28/08 07:07 AM

So are these like a wallpaper type thing, or a decal thing? I guess what I'm really asking is are they permanent wall coverings or can renters use them?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | ICFF: Madison and Grow
5/19/08 04:45 AM

Books actually are meant to be done with whatever you choose. Maybe you like the cover art and never even crack the thing. Maybe you like to dog ear the pages with your favorite parts. Maybe you like to mark up the margins. Or maybe, like me and like a lot of other people, you like to go to the library and borrow them for free because you a)can't afford to own a lot of books b)can't afford the real estate required to house them anyway or c)you just read them and then are done, so no need to keep them around when you can always borrow them again if you need to refer back to them. I don't think that not having books in my house makes me untrustworthy or unappreciative of the beauty that a book can embody. I think people need to stop judging others on the basis of what material things they value or possess. I know this website is in a lot of ways all about materialism, but I think we can all agree that there are many differences of opinion and that one is not always right above all others. I like to hope we can also agree with that without being insulting (and saying things like 'in my opinion anyway' or 'no offense but' does not negate the negative and nasty impact your opinions might have. Just because you slap a cliche'd disclaimer on there does not mean your words are neutral or okay)

Apartment Therapy New York | Personal Library: Collecting BooksThe New York Times 5.15.08
5/15/08 12:30 PM

I have to echo what fiona said - it seems to be coming up more frequently lately and it's a really nasty form of judging someone to decide you know that their kids are going to be screwed up based on what the parents' house looks like. If there were feces and insects crawling around I think we could all agree that was an unsafe environment for the kids, but you all have no idea what this person does to make their home safer for the kids when there aren't cameras around (ie gates on the stairs, cushioned corners on the hearth, that kind of thing).

Having said that, I like the house a lot. If it were mine it wouldn't be quite so minimalist, but I like the structure itself and I LOVE that gray wall.

Apartment Therapy New York | Queens Modern New York Magazine 5.19.08
5/15/08 07:57 AM

It's in Boston, which you didn't mention in the post, and we're very proud to have it here! Now if only I could actually afford to live in it...

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | AIA Top 10 Green Buildings: MacAllen Building Condominiums
5/14/08 05:06 AM

It kind of looks like dog kibble.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Wood Placemats at Vivre
4/30/08 09:20 AM

It looks like it has a cord, it quotes a cord length and if you look at the picture on the Ikea site you can juuuuust barely make the cords out along the bottom. The light diodes are what they use in place of a common bulb - they're supposed to last longer.

Thanks for linking to SarahC's apartment, I am 100% going to knock off that idea because our bedroom is really a tad too small to have bedside tables and we've been forcing the issue because we aren't clever enough to think of something like this ;)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Lack Clamp Bookcase Lighting from Ikea
4/18/08 01:24 PM