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Try the following (actually don't!)

1) heat oven to 200C.
2) place hand inside for 10 secs. OK?
3) place pizza stone inside to heat up (30 mins, say)
4) place hand on stone

Notice the difference? Your dish feels similar.

How Do I Take Care Of My Pizza Stone? Good Questions
10/8/12 06:42 PM

The stone will absorb heat so the oven will take longer to heat up. If also has different thermal capacitance and conductivity, so any object placed upon it will react differently - basically the bottom of an object placed upon it will be hotter or colder (depending on the circumstances) than if it was just a wire rack.

How Do I Take Care Of My Pizza Stone? Good Questions
10/8/12 06:37 PM

The pedant in me must insist - that's not Velcro in the photo!

Keep Appliance Cords Tidy With Velcro A Thousand Words
9/24/12 06:06 PM

Cracking on a flat surface significantly reduces the chance of shell splintering off. A sharper edge will push the splinters into the egg, breaking them off the membrane.

Video Tip: How To Crack an Egg With Just One Hand Video from The Kitchn
9/8/12 04:09 PM

So glad that most British recipes seem to request flour by weight.

How Do I Measure Sifted Flour? Good Questions
3/27/12 05:07 PM

I have one for my (mangle) pasta machine. For me this, and the one pictured in the article, have the ratio of filling to pasta completely wrong. I like a large (2"x2", say, or larger) parcel with just a teaspoon of filling.

Ravioli Maker: Should You Buy One?
10/12/11 02:09 PM

Can anyone point to some empirical data to backup #1? It has always seemed like an urban myth to me. Air has a very low heat capacity so only as small amount of cold is "lost" when the door is opened. And if you have to remove a bottle of cold water when you need the space for food, loads more energy is wasted.

3 Tips for Efficiently Stocking the Fridge
9/14/10 09:08 AM

The edges in the photo are slightly curled - looks like they're not stuck down at all.

Before & After: Shelf Liner
8/24/10 09:22 AM

That's ginger beer, that is. :-)

Try This! Easy Homemade Ginger Ale
8/16/10 09:54 AM

@Laucus116 Heston Blumenthal (owner of "the best restaurant in the world") did this on TV. He preheated a heavy frying pan under the grill (UK - I think that's a broiler to you?), upside down 'til super hot. He then assembled the pizza on top of that and put it back under to cook.

Someone's transcribed the full recipe here, along with a video, but the latter doesn't seem to be working at the moment.


Ignore most of it (unless you're a masochist) - this was part of a series ("In search of perfection") on how to make the best recipes possible, irrespective of practicality. For example, he makes part of the dough 24hrs in advance and the tomatoes are pre-cooked for 4 hours. And the rest...

How To Grill Pizza | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/1/10 07:07 PM

I wondered why one couldn't take the semi-cooked base off at stage 7 and assemble at one's leisure but then I thought that it might be too hard to handle with the toppings on. I use a SuperPeel (q.v. - no connection!) which might do the job.

How To Grill Pizza | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/1/10 06:18 PM