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Thanks for including our fairy garden project in this great line-up. I'm a huge Apartment Therapy fan!

Earth Day Activities for Kids
4/24/12 07:36 PM

As the owner of this photograph, I thought I should chime in and share my 2 cents. As I state in the post, child safety is my priority and I wouldn't have embarked on this journey without due diligence. My husband is technologically-smart and properly disassembled the monitor before putting tools in my daughter's hands. She primarily watched, and her actual connection to the monitor was limited and closely observed. As I suggest in the post, parents and teachers should educate themselves on how to proceed with a project such as this. My site, Tinkerlab, is designed to inspire parents and teachers to raise creative thinkers through tinkering, experimentation, and imagination-building. At no point do I suggest that others should take apart a monitor as we did. In fact, I state at the end of the post that similar tinkering goals could be met by taking apart a mechanical clock or keyboard.

I've enjoyed reading all of the comments and welcome Apartment Therapy readers to my site to share their ideas there too. Thanks, AT!

Good Idea: Deconstruct Old Computer Equipment Before You Recycle It Tinker Lab
2/27/12 05:17 PM

That's a great idea, Ella. And you're right about setting a precedent -- my 3 year old was organizing her doll house the other day and told me that it was "full of too much stuff" and that she needed to share things with the thrift store. Love that!

Before & After: From Cluttered Closet to Compact Art Studio

1/29/12 04:57 PM

Thanks for sharing our closet remodel! And I agree with you, Kaete, the printer has to go! The closet isn't in its final state and I've been busy pinning ideas for the next step: http://pinterest.com/tinkerlab/organization/

Before & After: From Cluttered Closet to Compact Art Studio

1/28/12 01:53 AM

This is a fantastic idea. I wish I had a covered porch, but maybe with a little varnish we could pull this off right out in the backyard. Great work!


Jack and Gracie's Backyard Pantry My Great Outdoors | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/1/10 12:46 PM