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A little off topic, but where'd you buy your couch?

Alternative To Storing Your Quilt: Display It
8/5/10 09:20 AM

Never expected Lowes to have exactly what I wanted, but good finds are out there amongst all the underwhelming contemporary options. I bought and installed this in my mid-century modern home. It looks great and has a remote. 4294965856 5003703 4294867912_3?productId=3125941&pl=1&currentURL=/pl_Yes_4294856737%204294965856%205003703%204294867912_3_

Fans to Keep you Cool: Classic, Contemporary, Cutting Edge Inside Man | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/1/10 07:17 PM

Well played, sir. By far my favorite stop on AptTh yet.

BTW nice resto on the F1. I have a '48 f1 and finishing it completely suede: navy primer, white walls, red / chrome rims.

Joe's Industrial Milwaukee Retreat House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
7/1/10 11:49 AM

My home was made in 1955. We repurposed the original door by cutting a piece of glass as a table top and buying adonized steel pipe, painting it, and turning it into an outdoor table.!/photo.php?pid=45561900&id=16803651

Look! Repurposed Door In The Workshop | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/1/10 11:35 AM

God bless Ray and Charles Eames. That yellow rocker really does rock.

A Sophisticated Use of Primary Colors Micasa | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
7/1/10 11:24 AM