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In summer, we use simple white sheets and pillowcases on our bed--nothing more. In winter, we add a plain white duvet.

There's nothing more relaxing, and refreshing, than a spare, minimal bedroom!


Spare Simple Beds | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/30/10 09:00 AM

My husband and I recently moved from a 3-bedroom house in the US to a small flat in the UK. We sold all of our possessions before relocating, bringing only a duffel bag each with us.

We started over with a blank slate, and have only purchased the absolute necessities. At present, we own only four pieces of furniture: two lounge chairs, a coffee table, and a futon mattress on the floor.

We love our spare, minimally-furnished place, and have no plans to acquire anything more!


Is Less More? | Apartment Therapy DC
6/30/10 08:46 AM