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I also lived in a residence hall, two different schools over the course of 6 years. Unlike finn3140, it was a perk of the job and not taxed. This also came with laundry, utilities, cable and internet (super perks!). Maintenance was on the university, I just had to request it, also available were emergency lines for after hours issues.

I could have been billed for damages to the space, but they usually let it go if I asked for the repair. Spaces are cleaned and painted in between tenants, move out date was negotiable, I only moved out because of a promotion. Some folks will give you notice before entry, my first employer did but my current one does not. I had a live in partner who always preferred when we had notice and my employer would do the best they could to let us know. Enjoy your new space!

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6/18/14 11:20 AM

I love my bloodhound and love having her around! Great thoughts and photos

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3/7/14 01:49 PM

Check out, she's been featured on Apartment Therapy before and has some great ideas.

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9/13/10 01:25 PM

Loved the post, combining two loves, design and music!

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7/24/10 10:57 AM

This is so helpful! I have some of the same issues with awful bathrooms in a rental, and my bathroom has very dated tile. Thanks for posting the update and giving me lots of ideas!

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6/28/10 10:03 PM