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I live in Germany. Any questions?
At my former boarding school, the chairs we used had a swastika stamp burned under their seats. Anyway. If ou're supersticious, you may want to avoid living in a place of which you *know* about something gruesome that has happended there. On the other hand... how many places have had dark events taking place of which you will never know. It's life.

Would You Buy a House with a Dark History?
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9/10/11 05:07 AM

Anything you do to that banister will look wrong. These banisters were mainly built to keep kids from falling into the staircase. Usually, grown-ups can handle such a construction. Of course, nowadays, in our oversafe world, everyone seems to think we're all like little kids and everything has to be safe. I wouldn't bother aubout that banister. Maybe put a cupboard or a high shelf at the ond as this seems to be the scariest part. Stumbling sideways is very unlikely. This way, you can preserve the original charm and beauty of an age where people worried about things that were actually worth worrying about.

How Can We Fix Our Short Banister?
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6/3/11 08:23 AM

@Daylight: I live right by the Belgian border. That's where I have all my second hand Eames and Bertoia chairs from. But golden ages are fading for used classics in Belgium. Meanwhile, some 2nd hand stores and auctions are way more expensive than here in Germany. The gold rush seems to be over.

IKEA's Shrewd & Secretive Ascent to the Top
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3/1/11 04:08 PM

There are basically 3 classes of furniture, here in Germany:
3) cheapo: looks cheap, feels cheap, wears out fast
2) average: doesn't look cheap, feels ok, wears out fast
1) quality: elegant, durable, expensive

As most people tend to base their decisions on rather simple judgements, including that expensive furniture is a ripoff (it is sometimes if you consider, for example, the price of a Knoll chair), and rather tend to base their satisfaction on how inexpensive something was than on how valuable it really is, IKEA is, for many people, the prime choice. Specially since it has become quite usual to buy new furniture every so-and-so many years and you can upgrade the quality of your stuff little by little without changing your style or provider.

Personally, I still won't let any IKEA stuff into my home. I prefer upgrading, bit by bit, directly from cheap/found/offered/2nd hand to expensive ;)

IKEA's Shrewd & Secretive Ascent to the Top
The Economist

3/1/11 02:08 AM

I'd say: indeed horrible, tacky swirls. Probably 50´s or 60´s like Anna at D16 says. Most probably plastic/raisin medaillon because it's quite obvious it was added after (or on top of) the swirly plaster job. General mismach, engrossed by the ventilator which, in itself, is quite nice.
My idea would actually be: maybe you might consider to suspend the ceiling and give it an extra layer of insulation. Given, of course, that you own the place.

How To Remove Plaster Detailing On Ceiling?
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2/10/11 02:54 PM

That's right! Wait a few days before buying anything unles you are 100% sure you need this and it suits your needs perfectly. Tell your friends NOT to bring you gifts, unless they're sure that you want them, don't pick up stuff you find unless you need it or know exactly what to use it for. When separating yourself from objects, listen to your stomach, making an outbox is good but best is not needing any. Throw away stuff that's broken if you haven't repaired it in a while. You probably won't in the future.

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1/10/11 06:23 PM

Bland is the word! Too much brown, nauseating wall paper. Furniture looks like this week's bargain. Depressing. what's wrong with a bit of colour? A piece of modern art? Maybe even a bit of Bauhaus? The coffe table leaves me speechless. Yuk!

President Obama's Redesigned Oval Office
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8/31/10 02:24 PM

Honestly, just from the foto, I prefer "before" by far.

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8/6/10 04:56 AM

Have you seen those? http://www.unicahome.com/c5228/mark-mckenna.html

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6/28/10 02:09 PM