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i never heard of breakfast salad until i had one in a restaurant, and started making them at home. these are all good pieces of advice and things i've enjoyed.

personally, my favorite base is chopped arugula tossed with oil, lemon and parmesan, with 2 poached eggs and crumbled gorgonzola on top. from there, add whatever's in the fridge!

i like wendy's breakfast soup idea too! i've been taking a cue from shakshuka and soft-cooking eggs in different simmer sauces. very tasty!

I've Been Eating Salad For Breakfast: Here Are My 5 Tips for Great Breakfast Salads
4/18/14 01:09 PM

a room overhaul is a great way to feel refreshed! we recently deep-cleaned our kitchen, pared down & donated items we don't use and freed up some space. the change has been a great motivator. and it's true, you find stuff that gets buried, both food items and great kitchen tools, that you can put out for more frequent use.

Spring Cleaning Kitchen Diary: Emily in Los Angeles
4/9/14 02:04 PM

i used to subscribe to la cucina italiana, but i cut back on subscriptions, so i search their recipes online instead now: http://lacucinaitalianamagazine.com

What Are Your Favorite Italian Cookbooks or Food Blogs? Good Questions
6/28/13 03:05 PM

i don't do grains or oats, but i make raw power bars with soaked flax & chia seeds and almond butter, mixed with any combination of seeds, ground nuts, chopped dates & dried fruit, shredded coconut, flavored oils... it's endless! you just spread & shape on a parchment and dry in the oven. they will stay fairly soft when dry, and keep quite awhile on the shelf.

Do You Know a Good Recipe for Soft Granola Bars? Good Questions
6/20/13 08:24 PM

i'm flying a red-eye tomorrow night, right after dinner. i'm totally going to try it!

Have (Ahem) Digestion Problems When You Fly? Try Taking Bitters
6/11/13 02:41 PM

a million votes for elana's pantry, though many of her recipes are blanched almond flour, there are also almond pulp recipes for the leftover pulp after making almond milk. an amazing resource for almond-substitute grain-free recipes.

5 Amazing Ways to Use Almond Meal Ingredient Spotlight
5/30/13 11:54 AM

i've found that any sort of archiving format has done more to hide my favorite recipes from me than help me use them. i still keep cookbook favorites, but even had to write top 5 lists of what i love in each of them so i could remember what-all is there.

first of all, get all your bon appetites & gourmets, set up an account at epicurious and start a recipe box, then look through your favorite issues, search your favorite recipes and add them to your box. i have die-hard go-to recipes i love from the 90s and they're ALL right there online.

second, choose your favorite bookmarking site. i use pinterest because i like the public sharing, but many people love evernote, or prefer something that is not photo-centric. you can search out and bookmark many of your other beloved recipes from many other magazines and food blogs.

third, you'll start to trust and understand that many recipes out there repeat themselves. you can probably find on a blog what is very similar to what is in those magazines, with far shorter search times.

from there, you should have a very manageable archive set, maybe one you can put in a high-traffic place and refer to far more often than i did with mine. keep your absolute faves, those ones that nobody can replace. and if you keep getting magazines, make this a practice once you enjoy reading them.

On Letting Go of Your Food Magazine Collection: Got Any Tips for Me?
5/9/13 12:39 PM

i haven't taken them medicinally, but i have been making some in the pantry. i am curious about the more savory bitters, like celery. have to do some investigating...

Overindulged? Try a Drop of Bitters
4/23/13 03:11 PM

i'd be so interested to taste it! before modern brewing, wild yeasts were caught and much more tart, intense flavors were imparted to the beers, ciders & ales. i love them!

Beers That Go Old-School: Tried Any \"Ancient Ales\" Lately? Beer Sessions
4/4/13 01:46 PM

these are killing me with how cool they are! gonna have to check them out in person, so pretty!

New Colors (and Teacups!) for Reissued Dansk Kobenstyle Cookware International Home + Housewares Show 2013
3/7/13 02:13 AM

i keep paper towels too, mostly for cat cleanup. i think using them sparingly for that kind of cleanup is a far better use of paper than the tons of wasted laser prints in offices every day.

My Uncool Kitchen Tool: Paper Towels
2/25/13 09:44 PM

i was just going through my cookbooks and reminded myself what a keeper this book is. sure there are plenty of things we can update and adapt, but i think it was a great primer to the basics of international foods for a young vegetarian learning to cook.

Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant by The Moosewood CollectiveCookbook Spotlight
2/19/13 02:08 PM

when i had them, it took all kinds of experimenting before i found out they were crawling up the sink pipes from downstairs [my solution ended up being to leave the drain plugs in when the sink wasn't in use, since the owner & downstairs neighbor seemed fine with this problem].

definitely try the boric acid bait, and diatomaceous earth [which is good for all kinds of bug problems, indoors & out] clean out any paper packaging, and if you think they're coming in the walls, tape off seams in built-in cabinets [this was another thing i tried--it drove me so nuts that i had to try it, until i figured out the plumbing issue].

i did use traps, which seemed to reduce the population to very small, young roaches, but unless you see total effectiveness, they will persist. if you do live in a building, try plugging your drain with an inch of water whenever the sink isn't in use and see if you have the same problem!

How Can I Get Rid of Cockroaches? Good Questions
9/4/12 03:34 AM

we have a few egg sellers, a couple livestock producers, a fishmonger, 2 cheese sellers, 1 raw milk guy, and 2 grassfed meat producers [beef and buffalo]. i have bought from all of them at one time or another.

Beyond Fruits and Vegetables: What Else Do You Buy at Your Farmers' Market?
7/2/12 07:49 PM

as a person who is self-employed, i love it and i think working from home is perfect for me. but one of the most common things i hear from my employed friends is that they don't think they'd work if they didn't have their bosses looking over their shoulders. i think there are just a few types of people, some of whom thrive at being self-directed, and others who do best with direction [and still others who fall into neither clearly]. there's also the possibility that some of these employed friends just haven't thought about how they'd truly behave if they'd started a business and invested in it. giving up on all the work i've done to be in this position isn't even part of my reality, and i think a lot of them would agree if they had a similar experience.

i've heard both sides from executives at my last job too, though. some said they never got more done than at home, others seemed entirely suspicious that anyone who wanted to work from home just wanted to watch tv on the job.

personally, though, nothing beats a day when i've got soup on the stove and laundry in the machine while i'm working. i trade my commute time for exercise, i get to focus on blocks of work when i'm most productive, and not be chained to my desk when lulls happen. doing all this while not also having to run my business--just doing the work? i coudln't imagine anything easier. for proactive, self-directed people, working from home is great!

A Very Good Argument For Working From Home
6/27/12 06:57 AM

i use a sort of grey water system where i soak stacked bowls and plates so all i have to do is wet and soap up my scrubber and scrub each of them, pouring their soaking water into new dirty dishes. when i get enough soaped-up dishes, i rinse them over a mixing bowl and start over. it feels pretty dang efficient.

Dishwashing Do: Turning the Faucet Off
5/17/12 05:01 PM

i think it's funny that anyone cares that the shapes would be different. that's what handmade pasta looks like--handmade. i've always liked doing it by hand, though someone bought me a crimper at one point [like a pizza cutter, but cuts and crimps as you roll it], but honestly i think a good old fork is just fine. and if you're rolling the pasta out thin enough, you're getting the lowest pasta-to-filling ratio of any pasta dishes.

Ravioli Maker: Should You Buy One?
10/13/11 12:09 PM

oh yeah, and i've given food and drink gifts in them too. for the holidays, i made an infused vodka last year, and packed each with fresh fruit in jars, wrapping the top in cloth & string.

if you mix up your own loose tea concoctions, they are great packaging for giving those, too.

Reuse Your Pasta Sauce Jars: 4 Ideas
10/10/11 03:18 PM

i use them to store my dry pantry goods, and for room-temperature- or refrigerator-safe vinegar and olive oil preservations [like oven-dried tomatoes or roasted red peppers].

i also make my yogurt in them, and fit them with cheese cloth and a canning ring for sprouting beans.

as i continue to replace dry packaged goods, i find these jars are excellent storage!

Reuse Your Pasta Sauce Jars: 4 Ideas
10/10/11 03:16 PM

i don't have a recipe for bars, perse, but when i was making granola, i used to soak flax seeds until they became mucilaginous, then mix in the dry ingredients. the odd flavor of raw flax toasts away as they bake. you may have to experiment, but i never added sugar to mine--not for holding clusters together anyway. maybe this will work well for bars, though it may take some experimenting.

Help Me Find the Perfect Granola Bar Recipe!
Good Questions

8/23/11 12:43 AM