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You seriously need to be a paris hilton to make pets wear clothes. They are animals, not toys.

Giving Your Kitty Their Own Cardboard Cat Chalet
1/12/11 04:13 PM

It's Sagrada Familia, sturgeongeneral, not Sagrada de la Familia.

Why Does Barcelona Have the Best Apartments?
11/24/10 07:27 PM

Don't go camping, period. I was forced to do it all the time as a child. Still shivering at the memory.

Fill In The Blank: Don't Go Camping Without…
7/30/10 04:28 PM

No souvenirs. Most certainly no French presses, unless specifically requested. And think twice before cooking in somebody else's kitchen without explicit permission: it is intrusive and rude.

Be a Good Guest
7/30/10 10:01 AM

The comments are a cultural shock. One person gets all the fun cooking and the other then has to clean up? Why on earth would anybody accept that?

If only one of you works, s/he pays for groceries and the other person invests time and effort in the meals (shops, cooks, cleans up...). If both work, eat out or order take-out food. When both of you have a day off and want to spend some quality time together, one option is to make a meal: shop together, cook together, eat together, then clean up together.

Good Ways for Couples to Share Food Responsibilities?
Good Questions

7/30/10 08:46 AM

Way to go, you'll not be disappointed. Beware of pickpockets: they abound in places popular among tourists, above all on Las Ramblas. Apart from that, Barcelona is easily the world's most exciting place to live. A stunning city between mountains and the sea, perfect climate, architecture beyond description, excellent cuisine, diverse population, vibrant social life, great educational possibilities, the best football club on the planet, thriving arts scene, direct flights to a huge list of dream destinations: it is amazing in every respect.

5 Stunning Spanish Hotels We Wouldn't Want To Leave | Apartment Therapy DC
7/26/10 03:20 PM