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Book Porn! <swoon>

Beautiful Books: Designer Editions & Sets
4/9/13 02:47 PM

@cmcinnyc, I concur. Wholeheartedly. To both. LOL.

Where-To-Live Quizzes: Have You Taken One? Did You Follow Its Advice?
4/9/13 02:41 PM

Bilious, imo. Makes me feel slightly queasy. The 50's called. They want their paint color back.

Sherwin Williams Announces Their Choice for 2013's Color of the Year
11/26/12 09:46 AM

umm...complain about, I meant...

Buttonhole Napkins: Have You Ever Heard Of Such A Thing?
The Purl Bee

11/16/12 01:35 PM

Yes, I've seen men often tuck napkins into their collars in restaurants in NYC and in France, although not like the one pictured! I think it's kind of charming to see an older man with a bit of a panza do it! To me it says he wants to keep his shirt pristine for the evening, doesn't want to hear his wife complain out getting out the stains and that he plans on enjoying his meal with gusto!!

Buttonhole Napkins: Have You Ever Heard Of Such A Thing?
The Purl Bee

11/16/12 01:32 PM

Very cute! Great colorways, Jamie!

Jamie's Personalized Rental House Call
11/8/12 03:18 PM

Sounds delicious! Don't think there will be many of these at the Romney party though....

Election Night Drink Recipe: El Presidente Cocktail The 10-Minute Happy Hour
11/5/12 04:38 PM

What a great color!

Scott's Cheerful Persimmon Dining Room Roommarks
10/19/12 09:55 AM

Awesome, Angela - I just love it, the colors, the spaciousness, the gold settee, the fireplace... well done!

Angela's "Quirky" Room Room for Color Contest
10/19/12 09:51 AM

Just love this wall color. Amazing to me how different it looks depending upon lighting/time of day.

Kate's "Contemporary Steampunk" Room Room for Color Contest
10/10/12 02:45 PM

A blast from the past! I loved Colorforms as a kid! I want new ones! Where are they found?

Do You Remember Colorforms?
10/10/12 01:38 PM

LOL, "cool summer day in Cuba"! Do they exist???

Katie Deedy: Add Pattern to Your Home with Handmade Tiles Apartment Therapy Videos
10/10/12 01:13 PM

Wow. If I could do work like that, I'd quit my day job!! It is stunning!

Before & After: A Trashed Curbside Dresser Eve of Reduction
9/20/12 01:39 PM

I'll forgo the salt and substitute sliced banana instead, please.

Dessert Recipe: Hot Baked Nutella & Cream Cheese Sandwich Recipes from The Kitchn
9/20/12 01:19 PM

ROTFL -these stories are great!! I almost lost a friend when I got hangry because she HAD to find a place that had garlic bread!!!

A Word to Fear: Hangry! Word of Mouth
9/13/12 12:29 PM

My splurge would be a heated floor.

Where to Save and Where to Splurge:
Bathroom Style on A Budget

9/11/12 03:03 PM

Yay for (#1) sweater shopping! And boots!
I am always excited to see football season (#2) arrive. I print out my favorite team's schedule and post it on the fridge, then plan my Sunday dinners for gametime.

The September Issue (#3). Vogue. And In Style, etc. All the home-based things it's too &*$# hot to do during the summer (#4).

Going for walks in the fresh, crisp air (#5).

I love Fall!

Autumn For Adults: Back-To-School Fun For The Rest Of Us
9/4/12 05:28 PM

Such a good question and many good responses! Thank you! My new place didn't get painted and I want it done. Was going to just do it all myself, buy all the stuff, do all the work - but everyone here convinced me I should ask for what's rightfully mine by law and only volunteer money as a last resort. Thank you all you strong AT'ers!

Can I Ask My Landlord to Go 50/50 on New Appliances? Good Questions
8/29/12 04:47 PM

First, don't listen to anyone who says, "Never do ___________" (fill in the blank). Some people like rules but if you don't, ignore 'em and do what feels right! Most people would agree it is a process and it should be fun! Sometimes the best findings occur serendipitously. Maybe just keep on the lookout for items/colors/textures you love and try to figure out how they could be interpreted as decor elements. You've more or less already started, because you know the colors that are singing to you right now! Buy/change in bits and pieces or if you're flush with $ go out and go wild! Transition slowly or with a bang!

Tips for Gradually Changing My Decor Palette? Good Questions
8/27/12 04:37 PM

I'm in the same camp as Longorious and KathieC. I'm no spring chicken (bwak!) but have NEVER had a pulled together "look" in any apartment. This time I am determined! I have chosen a theme I like which I think I can do on my budget rather than what I aspire to (Joan Rivers' Manhattan Versailles!) and have started to piece it together a little bit at a time. Will paint my IKEA billy furniture since it's cheaper for now than replacing. I bought a pillow in a color I loved at Pier 1. Then two pictures at Home Goods. Then slipcovers for my upholstered pieces until I can upgrade the l.r. furniture. Then back to Pier 1 for a couple of inexpensive accessories that coordinate with the pillow & artwork. Then a basket that works. This weekend I will buy paint for the room, from the swatches I picked out. Have my eye on a couple of different side tables. Then a Louis Ghost chair knock-off. Using a variation on the N. Berkus $50 out of every paycheck idea, I buy/plan for at least one thing, price-dependent of course, each paycheck.

It is the baby step method to be sure!

Alot of Maxwell's book helped me with this. And I don't know if this is the "right" way to go about it, but I am really trying! To get it together, that is - LOL.

Analysis Paralysis: How To Go From Thinking to Doing
8/23/12 12:13 PM