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yes please.

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12/15/10 07:02 PM

Get rid of the junk and only have 3 components in equal proportions: vegetables, animals, fat. Grains are bad news.

And why are meats and beans in the same category? Because they both contain protein?? Puhleeze.

Redesigning the Food Pyramid: How Would You Do It?
GOOD Magazine

11/4/10 02:55 PM

Sorry, here:

Ancient Food: Stone Age Stone Ground Flour
10/20/10 12:16 PM

I'm in agreement with all of the above. Adding fuel to the fire: A cardiologist talks about wheat and why it's toxic.

Ancient Food: Stone Age Stone Ground Flour
10/20/10 12:15 PM

I'm interested to hear from people who have blood sugar issues? Do you notice that this is better than sugar?

Alternative Sweeteners: What’s the Deal with Stevia?
8/26/10 02:44 PM