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Shanan & Chris's Rustic Glam Rowhouse
House Tour

9/20/10 10:42 PM

Excellent taste! Love it!

Shanan & Chris's Rustic Glam Rowhouse
House Tour

9/20/10 10:42 PM

I think that painting the wall a rusty red/brown similar to the colour in your painting will steer the eye more towards the view than to that wall. It will be a colour that your tv unit will blend in to and force the wall of windows to be the feature rather than the wall with the tv. Otherwise, I think any other colour will just be competing with that amazing view. But really as of now, the room looks just fine.

What Color Should I Paint this Accent Wall?
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8/18/10 09:42 PM

I definitely love the dining table in front of the fire place but the couch arrangement seems a little lost...like they are still waiting to be placed somewhere...

It's Time to Rearrange
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8/13/10 06:22 PM

Can your L-Shaped desk fit in the corner behind the walk-in closet? If so, I think your best bet is on the oppposite wall, almost behind the kitchen island. I would either purchase 2 couches or a sectional and a large, comfy chair - arrange one couch facing the wall with the tv and the other couch or chair against the wall of windows, perpendicular to the other couch.
I enjoy helping out with these sort of challenges :)

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8/13/10 06:16 PM

Furniture, vaccums, plants...I name everything! I believe that if you put a name to something that you own, you will take better care of it. I have no idea what types of plants I have but their names are Planty (the original, I've had it for nearly 20 yrs), Georgia, Peanut and Hilda :)

Do You Give Your Plants Names?
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7/28/10 05:57 PM