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Raw food diet. Don't keep carbs and meat in the house. Or if you aren't ready to get that extreme, which you probably aren't, just keep fewer carbs and meat in the house. When you buy fruits and vegetables, buy a rainbow of different colors. It will keep it exciting. Juice and make smoothies.

What Are Some Ways to Eat More Fruits & Vegetables Every Day? Good Questions
4/21/14 05:02 PM

Living in the trees? Where do I sign up?!?!?! Seriously...

Before & After: Retro Stool
11/1/13 01:44 PM

I use a rice cooker, but always have leftover rice, so I do a similar vegetable fried rice type thing with the leftover rice!

My Ten Minute, Ten Dollar Dinner
8/23/13 01:03 PM


Before & After: Desk Made from an IKEA Bed Base
8/23/13 10:37 AM

I love the look, but I am always curious about outdoor textiles as well... do these people just bring everything in each time it rains? I mean, if they lived in New Mexico it would be one thing...

A Bohemian Backyard in Brooklyn Lonny Magazine
8/8/13 01:13 PM

I expected to hate this, but wow, brilliant indeed!

Before & After: From Public Restroom to Home Sweet Home The Telegraph
7/22/13 01:58 PM

Huh, guess the one above me is a bit more rebellious than my liver cheese.

What's The Craziest Thing You've Ever Flown With?
7/19/13 03:24 PM

Leberkase from Vienna.

What's The Craziest Thing You've Ever Flown With?
7/19/13 03:22 PM

Guiness ice cream is awesome, but sadly I am trying to cut dairy out of my diet. If anyone knows a vegan version, hit me up! Ha!

Food Trend: Beer-Flavored Ice Cream
7/12/13 02:34 PM

@mldev I have the same couch but in chartreuse!

Last Minute Tips & Tricks for Making a Messy House Seem Cleaner! Reader Intelligence Report
7/11/13 04:00 PM

Just drooled on my keyboard. For the house AND the closet!

Vanessa's Vintage Bohemian Hilltop Home House Tour
7/11/13 02:52 PM

What is in those jars?

Laura and Andrew's HOME Gallery House Tour
7/10/13 03:49 PM

I am so jealous of you people with magical beautiful hardwood under your ugly carpet! I am finally about to get rid of mine, but since my house is from the 80s, and I am broke, I see laminate in my future.

But yes, obviously MUCH better!

Before & After: Blank Slate Hallway
7/8/13 02:53 PM

Grey unitards are TOTALLY hipsterish. ;)

Yelp Wordmap Helps You Avoid Hipsters & Tourists Design News 07.05.13
7/5/13 02:17 PM

Looks like that stripper-angel had some really bad gas and lit a match.

How To Live With a Gift Print That's Totally Not My Style? Good Questions
6/25/13 10:14 AM

I have one tv, no computer, and one projector hooked up to a dvd player. The tv is large, but was free and the whole family can watch it together. I am in front of a computer all day at work, so it is the last thing I want to go home to. The projector is in my son's room, so occasionally he can pop popcorn and have his own movie night. This is much better than having a tv in his bedroom and since it takes a few seconds to set up the screen he isn't watching it all the time.

Televisions in Small Spaces
6/19/13 04:34 PM

I prefer shopping all of these ways! Unfortunately plastic, breakable, crap made in China still enters in every once in awhile. Because it is cheap. Not in the long run, but immediately. Or because of some toy my son wants. Or because I live in a suburb that doesn't offer many independent shops. But it is a good reminder not to sacrifice quality for convenience!

Shop Your Way to a Better World: 6 Steps to Socially Responsible Shopping
6/18/13 04:19 PM

I used to LOVE making these as a kid!

Then & Now: Loomed Coasters & Potholders
6/18/13 12:01 PM

Yay! FUN!

Jeanie's Cavalcade of Candy & Cartoons House Call
6/14/13 02:46 PM

The role that fathers should play has not changed with time. Sadly we have a rise in a generational mindset of "the grass is always greener" that is exhibited in the form of prolonged adolescence. Many fathers AND mothers never realize the beauty of the role they have been blessed with. Dedicated fathers (and mothers, guardians, etc.) should be valued now more than ever.

It's 2013. What's the Role of Dad?
6/14/13 01:38 PM