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I can feel the support of the cushion under my tush-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Win: Chesterfield Sofa by Canvas Holiday Giveaway
11/16/12 09:31 AM

I found the bed quilt at TJ Max queen for $40.00. It is produced by Holly Robinson Peete. It didn't come with any shams or pillow coverings. I live in Lenexa, Kansas (Kansas City Kansas)

Samuel's I <3 Denver Loft House Tour
9/24/12 04:35 PM

I believe Max said it best, "it's your place, so really the only rules are the ones you put on yourself". I like the post just because it isn't all pristine and shiny. If the post has over 2500 sq ft, I don't bother reading it. Give me on-a-budget posts, some dust in the corners apartment living .

Max's West Hollywood Glamazon House Tour
6/17/12 06:56 PM

Your apartment is all about Apartment Therapy! Imaginative, resourceful and challenging!
If I were the judge, you would win hands down for use of 380 sq ft to live and work in for 2 people. It looks effortless-can you tell I love it?

Andrew & Toni's Key to Making It Work Small Cool Contest
4/14/12 01:24 PM

If I lived in an apartment, this is just how I would like it to look! Beautiful colors, homey clutter and comfortable. Good luck in the contest!

deRaismes' Vintage Finds Small Cool Contest
4/6/12 07:17 PM

Jennifer-your apartment is the reason I love Apartment Therapy! You can put your little 136 sq ft up against the 2,000 sq ft houses any day. I hope you win this contest!

To Yard's comments: You seem to outnumbered by 43 in being able to cope with small design-perhaps your ego wouldn't fit in 136 sq ft. Get over it.

Jennifer's Gathering Place Small Cool Contest
4/6/12 06:36 PM

Love all the patterns together! You've done a great job with so little room. Love,love, love the bedspread-looked on Anthropologie and couldn't find it. Any more information you could give me about it? Thanks and good luck in the contest!

Tanaporn's Sunny Studio Small Cool Contest
4/6/12 05:30 PM

Yes, a cattle dog-more specifically, a RED HEELER. All mouth and speed-they go 0 to 60 in 3 seconds flat! My Red Heeler, Freckles, says "hi!" to your Red Heeler.

Aubin & Florice's Curiosity Fueled Home House Tour
2/24/12 08:39 PM

I love the colors you chose to sight from room to room-please enter in the color contest nest year!

Clint & Lisa's Bold Crayola-Inspired Abode
House Tour

12/3/11 07:32 PM

Is there only a living room and bedroom in the apartment? The resources point to more space than the pictures are showing.

Vanessa Deleon's "Glamilistic" Studio Apartment
House Tour

5/24/11 12:11 PM

I felt very comfortable touring your home, Having a pet is worth lint on the glass shelves and a hairy black chair. Furniture doesn't meet you at the door! I happen to love the bathroom colors-the yellow,blues and tile colors are eclectic! I hope you will feel proud of your home-don't take all that criticism to heart-no one else lives in your space with your belongings on your budget. It takes guts to open your home to others opinions-I'd like to see the homes of those above who have the most to say!

Fred & Susan's Slowly Developing Style
House Tour

12/4/10 05:45 PM

my red-heeler follows me like glue when I'm vacuuming! She begs me to run the air hose all over her fur! I have to put her in her crate just to get the vacuuming done without her attached to the vac hose (we have an in-house-vac and an Animal Dyson) I'll try the attachment out, but I'm not paying $60 for it.
My 2 cats are a whole other story.

Dyson Wants To Vacuum Your Pets
11/5/10 05:06 PM

I should have lived with my husband before we were married. I would have seen the true nature of his 'cleaning ' philosophy---don't. He saves everything, leaves his stuff wherever, never puts anything away, thinks vacuuming twice a year is plenty (1 dog, 2 cats, 2 people), forget about dusting, and don't ask to see the garage. I had to choose:him or a clean house (which we designed and built ourselves in 5 months, while he was working full-time.) After 40 years, I only occasionally regret my decision.

What Are Some Great Cleaning Tips for Those Short on Time?
10/2/10 01:38 PM

where did you get the light bulb-bucket light? If a DIY, how was it put together?

Maureen & Lui's Pondside Lily Pad
House Tour

9/29/10 07:45 PM