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Martha Stewart has a Limoncello lemon jello recipe that is so good it's ridiculous.

My Perfect 3-Ingredient Summer Drink: Limoncello Gin Cocktail The 10-Minute Happy Hour
6/23/13 11:23 PM

Few of these look particularly inviting. I like a kitchen that begs a beloved aunt, cousin, or friend to sit on the counter or at the table and drink and snack while I chop things...I dunno, don't see that happening in most of these.

Find Your Style: 20 Classic to Contemporary Kitchens to Add to Your Inspiration Board
5/20/13 10:26 PM

I teach young children, and they gravitate to me. This is great, but after 40 hours a week with kids, I don't necessarily want to hang out with them all weekend. Friends' kids and family members are different, as long as I am not expected to entertain them the whole time. I want to be able to cuss and drink as well!

I love this advice. I don't mind at all having children brought to a smaller dinner party or daytime thing. My apartment is not at all kid-friendly, though, and I had friends show up once with a toddler to a huge bash without asking. I won't invite them again.

Bringing Children to the Party: The New Etiquette Dilemma
4/10/13 10:28 PM

esnickers--There's a great recipe in the Moosewood Low-Fat cookbook for Indian Stuffed Sweet Potatoes. It's quick, delicious, and filling, and makes for good leftovers.

Also, I am a little surprised by the lack of green veggies in here. A recurring go-to for me is whatever I would normally put in a sandwich, but on mixed greens instead. (Trying to eat more protein/fewer carbs.)

5 Quick and Delicious Lunches Under 400 Calories
3/15/13 11:09 AM

I've gotten good food coloring out of beet water. I boiled beets to eat, and then reduced the water that I boiled them in as much as possible. I used it in red velvet cake and it gave it a nice earthy light red-pink dye. (Not deep red like red velvet made with food coloring, but I would rather not have the chemical dyes.) You can't taste the beets.

How To Make Sprinkles for Cupcakes, Cookies & Cakes!
12/16/12 10:18 AM

I recently traveled to Montreal, where we stayed with a couple from Mauritius using AirBnb. They invited some other Mauritian friends over and made us a traditional Mauritian meal. We enjoyed lovely food and company, learned about Mauritius, and spent the evening singing and playing music together. It had nothing to do with Montreal, but it was the best night we had there. I will definitely look into this next time I travel.

Meal Sharing: New Website Enables You To Eat With People from Around the World Food News
12/16/12 10:03 AM

Another teacher chiming in here: just a thank you note is all I need. However, my favorite gifts have been: a donation in my name to a local land trust (they know I am an environmentalist,) gift cards, and healthy treats (homemade granola, for example, or a packet of carrot seeds from a student who knows I garden.) We get SO many cookies, candies, and other baked goods, I end up throwing away much of it because I just can't eat it all.

As far as gift cards--the best ones I get are to a fancy local deli just a few blocks from school. I can run there when I forget my lunch or grab a special coffee treat on a long day. Way better than Starbucks--supporting a local establishment. Also the local bookstore is a good idea.

What Are Some Good Gifts for Teachers? Good Questions
12/16/12 09:37 AM

I come from a HUGE family. The things on our table come from cans and boxes for convenience and cost. One year I decided to make some delicious Indian-spiced stuff sweet potatoes because I hate the canned, over-cooked syrupy-sweet marshmallow-topped ones my family always eats. Only one other person tried them. I was practically excommunicated! I learned the hard way that no one wants to try new things at Thanksgiving. I'm not even allowed to make homemade yeast rolls!

Kicking the Can: A Move Towards A Fresh Food Thanksgiving
11/25/12 12:09 PM

Potlucks are great. My friends and I also like "bring a topping" dinner parties for pizza or tacos. And of course, BYOB!

What Are Your Best Strategies for Throwing a Party on a Budget?Reader Intelligence
4/9/12 07:24 PM

When did people become too good for tap water? Ah, the rich environmentalists and their first world problems.

A Striking Way To Serve Water at the Table? Use Binchotan Coal
4/7/12 05:50 PM

I've only been to Trader Joe's twice. I bought some brussels sprouts that were somewhat cheaper than my local neighborhood market. They had zero flavor. That's when I realized that these sprouts were coming from CA: 3,300 miles away. This is why I refuse to buy into the TJs excitement. I would much rather pay $1 more per pound for local produce. Sorry, the environmental impact+lack of flavor+lack of support for local farms does not make up for the lower cost.

The Best and Worst Supermarkets Consumer Reports
4/5/12 10:31 AM

I suggested this to my SO when we lived together and he acted as if I was insane. Of course, he was the cover stealer and I was the one left freezing and out of bed searching for an extra blanket in the middle of the night. (Best break up ever.)

Scandinavian Style: Two Duvets on One Bed
3/31/12 11:24 AM

Why would anyone go to Wal-Mart to buy local? You're still not actually supporting the local economy. You all know this, right? If you want to support the local economy, buy from locally-owned markets or farmers' markets.

Is Walmart Really Going Local & Organic? Food News
3/27/12 11:10 AM

I always refrigerate the dough overnight, it makes a huge difference. Oh, and I had a cookbook author tell me with much gravity, "This is a GOOD cookie," upon eating my chocolate chip cookies!

If you really can't refrigerate the dough, here are other tips: if you have a stand mixer, you don't need to soften the butter first. Don't let the eggs come to room temp, chill the baking pans in the freezer, and put the dough in the fridge or freezer in between steps, if you can.

How Can I Make Chunkier Cookies? Recipe Questions
3/26/12 10:46 PM

You forgot a task: get rid of your messy roommates. My roommates (God love 'em for being wonderful people and making a HUGE dent in my rent) are the messiest people alive. If this were my list the house would be filthy on day 2. Maybe you could make suggestions of chore charts for the renters among us?

How To Clean Your Kitchen (and Keep it Clean) in 20 Minutes a Day for 30 Days
1/19/12 07:41 AM

I followed some advice from here once before to cook lots of vegetables at once and eat the leftovers during the week. Also, if I'm frying up onions for something, I'll fry up more than I need, along with some peppers, and then take out the extras and put in the fridge for later. Then you have onions and peppers ready for sandwiches. Several nights a week I get home late and don't have time to cook, and it's great to pull out some already cooked brussels sprouts, or veggie hash from the weekend, or even some broccoli to throw into the leftover pasta.

What Are Your Best Strategies & Tips for Eating More Vegetables?
1/13/12 10:40 AM

Careful, parchment can burn above 450-- if it doesn't catch on fire, that blackening can create lots of smoke. (I know, I set off the fire alarm this way at the school where I teach.)

Until I get a pizza stone, this method works: I use a pan covered in corn meal (which also burns) and then slide the pizza off the pan onto the racks about halfway through to cook the bottom of the crust.

Want Awesome Pizza? Turn Up The Oven
12/15/11 10:27 AM

I've always just made my own bin out of a rubbermaid containter. Not too attractive, but most people don't even realize it's a worm bin. Works fine, very low maintenance. It's important not to overfeed.

Worm Factory vs. VermiHut Composters: Part 1Test Lab | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
6/28/10 08:23 AM

I did some research and some studies suggested that the concentration of plant oils in natural bug sprays might be just as toxic as DEET.

The best way I have found to keep mosquitoes at bay is to take a good garlic supplement every day.

5 Tips For a Mosquito-Free Summer | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
6/21/10 09:28 AM