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I also marked a pair but until early October there will be only one. We are just planning on the 2 for now, but you never know!

Survey: How Many Kids Do You Have?
6/27/07 05:31 AM

I love these too. My boss has them in her house for her sons basketballs, footballs, gloves, etc. I just don't understand why they are that expensive.

Hable Construction Storage Bushels
6/5/07 05:16 PM

To me this looks very "vintage modern". So not sure about the first comment. Antique endtables, frame, etc.

ColorTherapy: Beach Haven
6/5/07 10:29 AM

I would love to know also, have been thinking about purchasing one for quite some time. We have our second child coming in October. We have a comfy glider now, which will go in the baby's room. However, we would still like to be able to have a chair in our 2 year old's room to read to him in and were thinking this would be good option.
I really cannot imagine nursing in this rocker though.

Good Questions: Eames Rocker
5/29/07 10:13 AM

I also saw it at my Lowe's and I live in Arkansas.

Good Questions: Where Can I Find This Double Ceiling Fan?
5/22/07 06:45 AM

I have been considering one of these for an outside wall in the back of my house, next to a garden. I wonder if they would work outdoors, it would be covered.

Cut Out floral Wall Panel Art
5/14/07 11:27 AM

I am so upset now too because I was about to order these. I only got this catalog 2 weeks ago so I figured I had the time still. I am wanting these for my front porch and have not seen anything else I liked, and such a great price!

Good Questions: Where Can I Find These Planters?
5/4/07 10:10 AM

Yes, that owl lamp is a great idea for a nursery! I have been in love with the Adler giraffe lamp forever but could never pay that much for a lamp for the nursery, so this is a great option. Thanks!

Lighting: Urban Outfitters
5/2/07 12:11 PM

I knew it right away too! scary

Guess Who?
4/25/07 08:01 AM

A friend brought us a variety of all natural baby bath products by various companies-California Baby, Burt's Bee's, Nature's Way, etc. She also threw in a comfy pair of pajamas for me to wear while recovering from childbirth.

Zid Zid animal pillows were recently on clearance at Anthropologie for $10 and I bought 6 of them and have been giving them as baby gifts for a couple months now, people are crazy about them.

Best/Worst Shower Gifts
4/23/07 10:39 AM

I really love this one! Looks so fun and cozy. One of my top 3 favorites so far.

#7 Meredith's Boho Chic Studio
4/18/07 11:42 AM

I have wood blinds in my son's room and they have very long cords that I am constantly have to wind around the curtain rods at the top. It is a pain!

Kid-Safe Blinds?
4/12/07 05:37 AM

i use some sort of tote or canvas bags usually. we get ten cents off per bag we bring.

4/11/07 10:01 AM

Wow, that is scary! No matter how tight my space is, I could never do that.

Stack 'em Up Cribs!
4/5/07 12:26 PM

Thanks so much for all the advice. We will be getting one soon, now time to pick a color! Wish I would have gotten one much sooner.

Good Questions: Booster Seats
4/5/07 10:20 AM

I have been thinking about getting a tripp trapp too. My son sits in a blue fisher price booster that i can't stand and my kitchen chairs are getting filthy from it. He is a little over 2, do you think it is too late to get the stokke seat? We have another one on the way in October also.

Good Questions: Booster Seats
4/5/07 06:42 AM

It is great, but the white totally throws me off too!

The Starck High Chair
4/4/07 11:46 AM

I love it for a girl!

Flowers in Blue
3/30/07 05:56 AM

Working great! Like the new system

How's the New Comment System?
3/22/07 07:44 AM