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Super cute. I just had to comment since I love the name Merrick. It was on our list. :)

My Room: Merrick

7/19/11 05:28 PM

Wow!!! Looks fantastic! I just made my husband come over to my computer and look. Great job!!

Darby & Justin Rejuvenate an Outdated Kitchen
Fly Through Our Window

5/13/11 10:17 PM

Never used bottle warmer, wipes warmer, diaper genie (too gross all that collecting of smelly diapers for days). Tried a baby bjorn and sling that we borrowed but huge babies just leads to sore back and shoulders so gave that up. Used a nursing pillow (boppy) religiously with the first, but hardly ever with the 2nd for some reason. 2nd loved to be rocked far more than the first. No pacifiers as they kept throwing it and crying for us to pick it back up again...got tired of that game real quick. Bouncy seat was a necessity in our house in order to get a shower so couldn't have lived without that thing. I say just buy second hand (or borrow it) if you can. That way if it doesn't work you are not out a ton of cash and you don't feel bad about it.

What Did You Think You Couldn't Live Without...But Can?
5/13/11 09:58 PM

I would love to have this bare, clean kitchen. I don't have enough storage for all my stuff so have to have some out on counters. Though I never thought of storing my coffee maker and am now going to try to rearrange things so I can. I do store my toaster on a tray (to catch any falling crumbs) in under counter cabinets. Not a pain at all to get it out every day. I will leave out my electric kettle though as it gets used too often. Why aren't those popular in the states I wonder? We couldn't live without ours.

How To: Keep Your Counters Free of Clutter

2/25/11 11:34 PM

Love Gray's comment. :) And love the transformation. Especially the backsplash. Love light blue and orange together. You could put some artwork with orange in there to really make it come together. I am doing that with my kitchen as we have gray walls with orange bar stools. Might steel this backsplash idea. Great job.

Before & After: Dated Kitchen Transformation
2/20/11 08:26 AM

I second the comment by avnnyc. I am attempting the same (indoor/toddler/no flash) and so many of my photos look 'soft' to me. Not blurry, but not that super crisp look either. I don't think it's the lens because sometimes they are super crisp. I just can't figure out what I'm doing as it seems like I do the same thing each time though sometimes the photos are 'soft' and sometimes they are really sharp. I know it's operator error. :) Oh, I have a Canon Xsi with a 50mm f/1.8 that I usually use indoors.

Your Chance to Ask a Photograher!
2/9/11 09:48 PM

Love the big open, uncluttered spaces. Also love the art in the kid's room and the bed...can you tell more about this? Where you got the bed? Thanks!

Dea & Jorge's Custom Simplicity
House Tour

1/26/11 11:31 AM

We have a couple of these, which is similar to the one shown here, that we use for both craft and lego storage. For legos, it's pretty easy to separate by sets, if only my son would actually keep the sets separate. I try, but he still mixes up the pieces. But, as for the storage, I love it. You don't have to put the wheels on it either, if you don't want to. I got mine in store at Target and it's a little cheaper than the colorful lego version. I actually prefer the white.

Lego Storage Workstation
1/14/11 07:18 PM

Wow, I gasped outloud at Berae's comment. Brooklyn2189 is right. Two year olds are smart. Mine would ask in a complete and clear sentence why his stocking was empty when his brother's was not!

There are so many great ideas on here. So far I've got similar items..socks, some candy, a small toy (plane for one, grow animal for another), a craft kit, mini flashlight (boys love these!). Those mini lego kits (usually in the stocking isle at Target) are always a hit with my boys as well. I like the toothbrush idea a lot! And they would love to get a juice box as they only ever get those at parties. :)

I saw another idea for those little boxes of sugar cereal (fruit loops, etc) and then they can eat it for breakfast. My would love that since they never get that kind of cereal.

Merry Christmas!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for a 2-Year-Old
Good Questions

12/20/10 09:49 AM

We keep a 'wish list' on Amazon for both of our kids since grandparents/aunts/uncles are always asking for ideas for gifts. Plus, many are overseas and them being able to buy what the kids want on Amazon and having it shipped to our house is a win-win. They save on postage and the kids get something they want. Otherwise, it doesn't get played with and it's a waste of money on the givers part. I would MUCH rather buy something I know somebody wants. It works out great for us. I only tell close family about it though. We usually have 'no gift' parties for friend birthday parties as the kids have too much as it is.

Gift Registries for Kids: Good Idea or Bad Form?
12/15/10 10:58 AM

I, personally, LOVE this as my parents have this exact piece in their basement and I'm going to forward this to my Dad. Awesome!

DIY All-in-One Play Kitchen

11/13/10 09:42 AM

Oh Lord no don't paint it. I live in a 1930's Tudor with painted trim and I love light/airy and bright spaces. BUT, I wish all the time that our trim and doors had never been painted. We didn't do it, it was already painted when we bought it. When I go into other homes with unpainted trim, I am so jealous. There are so many colors that look so much nicer next to unpainted wood also.

Is Painted Woodwork Something That Can Be Reversed?
Good Questions

10/6/10 10:51 PM

It seems everyone struggles with this. We also keep an Amazon list, like another reader suggested. It works well, especially since we have family overseas. We put books and toys on the list. It's worked really well for us since I can put things on there my boys really wants, like science experiment sets, that also get used up and don't take up space. Works out well. Lego sets are big in our house right now too. They are so pricey, the giver can only afford to give one, so that works out well.

Books are highly underrated too, in my opinion. I love for my boys to get nice, quality book collections. They LOVE books. This works out well for my sister though who gets them books from the used book store, which I wholeheartedly support.

As our boys get older, experiences will be next for us. Music lessons, membership to science or art museum, trips to local amusement park, day out to play mini golf, etc. There are endless possibilities with this one. My parents are paying part of my niece's dance lessons and are thrilled they can help with that since she loves it so much.

As for giving at birthday parties, we usually give something like sticker books, or books, or a $10 gift voucher to a local ice cream shop. Something relatively small that can be used and that will not take up space. One of my fave gifts for young boys (around 4 or 5) is a mentos geyser tube experiment. They are about $5, very small and my son has done this experiment over 20 times, easily. Super fun.

Curbing Gift Giving
Good Questions

9/25/10 09:08 AM

Love your house too! Would also love to see more. Also wondering what kind of floor is in your bathroom. I love the color. Thanks.

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6/20/10 01:34 PM