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James, I think AT has been totally taken over by homeowners.

Living in an Apartment Means Never Having to Do Anything
7/10/14 11:58 PM

I get why you don't like it. I needed to install a bookshelf for extra storage in my old place because of the pedestal sink.

But in our new place we have old bulky MDF cabinets that suck just as much. They are disintegrating near the floor where they came in contact with water. And despite being three feet wide, they have only two six inch wide drawers. Not at all useful for all the hand lotions, eye drops, face creams we have. It's a nightmare to find anything!

Rental Woes: Why I Hate Pedestal Sinks
7/10/14 11:54 PM

Now this is a renovation that deserves one of those " you won't believe this" headlines. Bravo!

Kitchen Before & After: A Super Budget Kitchen Makeover For $500 Kitchen Remodel
7/5/14 12:59 AM

I would love to see a video of people who have made the starch and fabric technique work. I swear it's impossible! Glue sounds like it would work better, but you are going to hate the cleanup in two years.

How Do I Decorate Greige/Yellow Graduate Housing? Good Questions
6/26/14 10:11 PM

Exactly my thoughts Virginia! If I have to share a room with my hubs, why should the kids each have their own space? Preps them for the real world where they will have plenty of roommates.

A Genius Parenting Move for Small Space Living Comment of the Day
6/4/14 08:14 PM

I don't know about show stopper exactly, but Alton Brown's peanut butter pie is my go-to, everyone gasps in ecstasy desert. It's like a Reece's Peanut butter cup, only in pie form:

What Is Your Most Show-Stopping, Crowd-Pleasing, Knock-Out Dessert?
3/28/13 12:24 AM

Now that is a teeny space with charm. And the view is crazy beautiful. Almost as nice as my best dorm views from my college days in Boston: of the Boston Commons and the gold-domed state house and the Charles River, complete with the train traveling over the Longfellow Bridge and the sailboats.

Liberte's Designed Dorm Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/6/13 07:36 PM

Love, love, love those white floral club chairs (right? club chairs?) Please tell me how she keeps them clean!

Lori's Layered Family Loft House Tour
2/27/13 09:37 PM

I love that mossy effect happening on the trees. But you really love cinder block walls? The painted portion is cool, but the rest are kind of....meh.

Before & After: Steve's City Grocery Garden The Gardenist
2/22/13 06:53 PM

Ha. Love the crochet cactus. Definitely clever.

Molly's Coloring Book Modern Apartment House Tour
2/16/13 01:56 AM

I agree with Jan. They are beautiful in her home. Click through to her blog and check it out.

Before & After: Charlotte's Craigslist Chairs Get Chevron-ed
2/11/13 06:41 PM

Frothy milk? This is a thing? How did I not know that?

Almost Instant Foamy Milk? All Hail the Aerolatte Handheld Frother!
1/25/13 11:59 PM

Oh no Samantha....don't do it! My wedding was about two-thirds out of town guests, so I invited everyone over the afternoon following the event for leftover cake. It was too stressful! I was exhausted from the day before and the house was a mess with presents and other junk. If you can manage it -- have someone else host!

What Are Some Make-Ahead Dishes for Our Post-Wedding Brunch? Good Questions
1/11/13 11:02 PM

Did anyone have an issue with the bread crumbs being too dry? The dish was yummy, but my husband didn't like what he called the sandiness of it. I'll add more olive oil next time, but I wonder if I should just cut back on the bread crumbs.

French Recipe: Creamy Butternut Squash Casserole with Herbed Bread Crumbs Recipes from The Kitchn
11/14/12 02:41 PM

My good friends always know who they are: the ones who are invited over when the house is a mess and there are dishes in the sink!

That said, I second the cat box/bathroom cleaning comments. Anything less is just rude.

The Stress Free Plan: How To Clean House for a Party
11/13/12 11:08 PM

Pretty sure Reba is punking AT. Mystical wolves? Come on guys.

Is There Such a Thing as a Good-Looking Wallpaper Border? Good Questions
11/13/12 10:12 PM

Got to hit up all the British TV shows! Peep Show is hilarious -- and it isn't at all what it sounds like.

Lucky Seven: TV Series Worth Streaming on Netflix
11/5/12 08:54 PM

I don't know how something so delicious could possibly get a bad reputation!

Not Your Mother's Cheese Ball: 5 Fresh Recipes for Autumn Entertaining
10/31/12 07:27 PM

Bold choice! The bunnies are kinda freakin me out.

Scott's Cheerful Persimmon Dining Room Roommarks
10/18/12 09:37 PM

I bed my cats would love batting at all those black feathers.

Andrea Mihalik - Booth #26 Design Showcase 2012
9/25/12 10:25 PM