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Does anybody have any ideas where I can find more photos of the 3rd kitchen? There are no more at the original site and i'm totally in love with it.

Bookshelves in Kitchens
9/21/11 09:06 AM

Those glasses are incredible! Must find source!

Easy Pitcher Cocktail Recipe: Strawberry Basil Margaritas
7/22/11 02:15 PM

I spent a summer working as the office coordinator of a butler academy and placement agency. The training manuals were wild. At least one class devoted to "how to properly iron a newspaper", hours of learning how to make an attractice fire and a laundry list of other skills IU didn't even know existed.

Be Your Own Butler: Helpful Hints For The Rest Of Us
6/18/11 05:47 PM

I don't have a good photo, but my xmas tree this year is an antique judy that I've stuffed full of white lights and put a star on top of.

Not Your Average Christmas Trees
12/9/10 10:50 AM

I made lovely chilled bortsch for a picnic today. 2 pounds of beets boiled and chilled, a pint of rasberries, a handful of red onion, lots (like 1/2 a cup) lemon juice some balsamic and a few spoons of sugar all blended with beet cooking water. So many compliments and so wonderfully summery.

Purple, Gold, and Candy-Striped: 8 Fresh Takes on Beets
8/29/10 01:30 AM

Not technically a cocktail, but a wonderful summer drink that has the added benefit of being wonderful made without the booze for those who can't imbibe or for evenings when a lot needs to be done.
1 ounce rum, approx 3 ounces spicy ginger beer, 2 generous dashes angostura bitters and 1 tsp lime cordial. Serve over lots of ice with a wedge of lime.
They somehow cut through the humidity and refresh like nothing else.

Inspiration from a French Inn: Cocktail Maison Straight Up Cocktails and Spirits | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/17/10 11:10 PM

Well, it wouldn't be a bargain for Americans, but for Canadians reading the thread I always go with 40 Creek Whisky which is $25 for a 26 (sadly good value up here) . My partner is a high end bartender and we tend to buy this for drinking at home. Fantastic as a summer drink with maple syrup, lemon and mint.

Best Bargain Booze: 7 Top Picks From Bar Experts Straight Up Cocktails and Spirits | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/5/10 02:18 PM

Toasted miso sammies. I spread a thin layer of miso and mayo on lightly toasted bread and then top with a piece of fried tofu and some veggies (sprouts are especially good)

What Are Some Interesting, Creative Ways to Use Miso? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/18/10 10:30 PM

I bought a red magentic kirkland last month and love it- strong magnet, works perfectly (so far) and goes perfectly in our turquoise and red, diner inspired kitchem

5 Timeless Kitchen Timers | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/18/10 10:22 PM