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Cardamom is a spice that's often used in Scandinavian baking. There are lots of swedish breads that use cardamom. I love to put it in my cinnamon roll dough! I also second using it in indian food -- it's a great spice to use with lentils.

What Are Some Good Uses for Cardamom?
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6/15/11 09:37 AM

My boyfriend and I play WWE Allstars on the xBox 360 all the time. It's amazing!

10 Video Games Fun For Couples to Play Together
6/7/11 01:56 PM

@trevor from hamilton -- right, you don't flip the dough over. Just lift the parchment-and-dough and set it down as is in the pot.

Help! My No-Knead Bread Stuck To the Pan
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3/8/11 04:14 PM

Parchment for me too. I set it out for its final rise on parchment and then throw the whole thing into the dutch oven.

Help! My No-Knead Bread Stuck To the Pan
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3/8/11 03:48 PM

I'm very confused by this recipe -- why are there macademia nuts? why do you preheat an oven to 375 when you're using a charcoal grill?! Am I hallucinating?

Grill-Roasted Potatoes: Time To Get the Grill Out!
3/7/11 05:21 PM

I've had similar complaints with bread recipes, but I've been using Peter Reinhardt's bread baking books for a while now, and he always includes directions with non-mechanized utensils, like wooden spoons, etc. His recipes are also fantastic, which helps. The bread baker's apprentice is particularly good at explaining all the necessary steps for good bread, which has made me confident enough of a baker to trust my own skills and wooden spoon when I want to make a bread recipe that suggests using a stand mixer.

Can I Make Bread Without a Stand Mixer?
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2/25/11 10:13 AM

@loviedovie: it's definitely the Ikea bed -- it's the one I've had for the past 3 years. Same knobs on the posts and everything.

Metal Bed Frames We'd Love To Own
2/18/11 11:33 AM

That last one isn't vintage -- it's ikea! I have it, and it's great.

Metal Bed Frames We'd Love To Own
2/18/11 10:39 AM

If it's just your tree (which I'm assuming, since you don't live together) why is it his business what your tree looks like anyway? If he wants angels on a Christmas tree, he should get his own. If you were sharing a tree, and therefore traditions, I don't see the harm in indulging someone else's preferences. Of all the (arguably) Christian symbols, angels are pretty innocuous.

Religious Christmas Decor?
12/1/10 03:14 PM

I've had a bostock from the very bakery Francis Lam mentions in the column -- I read it because I recognized the baker in the photo. All of her pastries are delicious, but the bostock is definitely my favorite.

Better Than French Toast: Bostock
10/7/10 09:52 AM

My house growing up in rochester ny had a driveway like this. The end closest to the street had been paved, and that's where my parents parked their tiny car. The rest of the driveway led back to the garage, which we only used for storage, so my dad turned the grass ribbons in the middle and on either side of the driveway into plant beds and used the concrete ribbons as paths between sections of the garden.

Old-Fashioned Ribbon Driveways | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/18/10 03:10 PM