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I make espresso in the morning. But in the last couple weeks I've been fascinated with the idea of a Chemex. I want to learn soooo much more about it.

What's Your Morning Coffee Ritual? And What Do You Want to Learn About Coffee?
2/19/14 10:53 AM

My husband and I only travel with carry-on since we fly standby (he works for an airline). We've been able to travel for several weeks at a time with one bag each! I find that now even when we are doing road trips we tend to pack light out of habit. Also I find that packing light helps me feel more "on vacation", I'm away from all my stuff and my outfits are simple and comfortable.

Pros & Cons of Packing Light
7/29/13 03:57 PM

I agree. I'm in Toronto and have bought and sold tons of furniture and electronics using CL over the past 5 years or so. I think my major complaint about Toronto CL - and this is only recent - is that those 'vintage craigslist finds' that CL used to be awesome for, are virtually nonexistant anymore. Anything that is self-proclaimed "retro" or "antique" is just very dated, falling-apart furniture. "Industrial" and "vintage" mean a triple-to-quadruple-digit pricetag.

What's Your City's Craigslist Culture?
7/5/13 07:52 AM

I like the locker instead of a wardrobe. Anyone know the source?

Desiree's Soft Industrial Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/21/13 06:53 PM

Switching up breads is fun and delicious as we have found.

I'm not sure where mschatelaine lives but Ontario is quite a large place, if you venture anywhere outside of the little neighbourhood you live in and explore your own area before telling everybody what the rest of the world does. I really don't think that the closest person that figured out how to make their own bread and sell it is an entire province away?! Just sticking up for the rest of Ontario.

Bored with Lunch? 3 Tips for Making World-Class Sandwiches
12/21/12 01:36 PM

We bought all of our furniture off of Craigslist when we first got married. We have since sold all our furniture, bought more furniture, sold everything again, and bought all 'new' stuff again, all on Craigslist. I bought my winter coat, winter boots, two computers, tickets to shows (not scalped!), bicycles and more on Craigslist. Most experiences have been what you think they would be - someone selling something they didn't need anymore to someone who needed it living closeby. We've only had one person lie to us about what we bought and one person take advantage of our kindness.

My husband and I once spent an entire day helping a guy set up a Mac he was buying from us for his kids. He had no idea where to start with it and we walked him through installing the OS to installing Openoffice, to updating the software, etc etc etc. He came back the next day with some homemade smoked sausage and wine and told us that we should have kids. It was an awesome experience.

Do You Believe in Craigslist Karma?
12/17/12 02:44 PM

Photos do not need to be overexposed to make something feel bright and airy!
Also I think I got the fact that there is a red coat in front of a poster before the 3rd photo of it.

However I do love the house itself. I love all the bits n bobs in the workspaces!

Myles & Grace's La Cañada Light House House Tour
7/10/12 04:34 PM

Beige walls. Its like you've given in to boring.

Ew, I Can't Stand That! Design Allergies
6/25/12 06:40 PM

Great style, guys. I love it.

Sean & Sara's Minimal Americana House Tour
5/14/12 07:58 PM

These are all really great. I don't think colour palettes need to be obvious; when you put together many shades of grey you start looking at the subtle nuances and your eyes tend to spend more time looking around. Conversely if there is one large red thing in the room, your eyes settle on the bright object and then you stop exploring. Grey on grey on grey is more thoughtful, comfortable. I like this collection.

Shades of Gray: Kitchens That Make a Statement
5/14/12 07:52 PM

I don't have an opinion on the toddler space thing but we tried to have our bed in the living space as well and tried our best to make it "blend". We did everything we could to make it blend with no headboard, big sofa pillows, etc. But eventually all the people sitting on the side of the mattress made it lumpy and lopsided, not to mention dirty.

How To Make Queen Bed More Sofa-Like? Good Questions
3/14/12 12:29 AM

We used to buy and sell 90% of our furniture from Craigslist, but in the past year or so anything that we've posted for sale (tables, camera lens, iMac, rollerblades, all in good condition and cheap) has garnered a dozen "please ship to my cousin in vietnam and sign up for paypal" responses and a couple of real responses with people who don't show up to come get the item. I don't know what's happened to craigslist (this is in Toronto) but it drives me crazy, how do you get real people to buy your stuff anymore, like they used to in the good old days, circa 2009?

5 Tips for Selling Your Stuff on Craigslist
10/27/11 04:46 PM

I think that "oh-no-" feeling comes with most places you're about to move into. I've had it with every apartment I had, right before I move in, and I've talked my friends through the feeling as I help them move in. Without furniture it looks way smaller, and you notice all the imperfections, combined with the fact that you've just spent the time between the time you saw it first and the time you move in, romanticizing it in your head :)

Andrea's 'From Regrets to Adoration' Apartment
House Call

8/8/11 11:36 AM

I agree with paring down appliances. We have been trying to do the same thing the past couple of weeks!

Question: What do you do with the old appliances? We have a couple of things we have not used since we got them as wedding gifts 3 yrs ago so they're in great condition but no one is biting on Craigslist and there is no Goodwill in a convenient distance... ?

A Tale Of 13 Appliances: What Stays and What Goes?
3/18/11 08:06 AM

I think I saw stephen's work featured on Booooooom.com. In a video perhaps. I love it when 2 of my fave blogs post the same people for totally different reasons. *winning*

Stephen and Jessica's Artfully Arranged Home and Studio
House Tour

3/14/11 09:00 AM

I'm thinking "dark wood large antique canopy bed" + "DIY white paint" might lead to regret if it doesn't quite turn out the way you expected.

What about a large painting or photo with both colors to unify it all together?

How To Balance Dark Wood Furniture With IKEA Pieces?
Good Questions

3/10/11 02:30 PM

We have a couple of Urban Outfitters bare bulb pendants which we like the look of... our only problem is that you can't really look in their general direction when they're on, otherwise you get that circle- burned- into- your- retina issue. Are there certain bulbs you're supposed to use for these types of fixtures?

Back To Basics: Simple Light Bulb Light Fixtures
2/28/11 11:40 AM

1) BEST house tour ever posted on AT.
love love love
2) T.o Represent!

Mike's Masculine Mischief in Toronto
House Tour

2/1/11 11:08 PM

2 questions!
1- how did you get all your turquoise stuff to match? Is it all painted? Or are you matching to something?

2 - how do you get your cameras to stand up straight? I've got some that are propped up by various stacks of pennies but its not a great system :)

Kristen and Mike’s Mid-Century Oasis
House Tour

1/31/11 10:26 AM

How do you attach them to the wall?

DIY Decor: Secondhand Spray Painted Plates
Yankee Belle

11/15/10 10:43 AM