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I say yay :)

We're renting a furnished place in Copenhagen with an under-counter fridge as well as an under-counter freezer... to be honest we're considering unplugging the freezer, because the fridge seems to be enough (we're not really into freezing).

We make it work by:
- shopping every other day - which I love!
- using stackable containers for leftovers (there is more room in those fridges than it seems!)
- keeping our fruit in a nice bowl on the counter
-not overstocking on jars and bottles of condiments

It's been a year and... so far so good :)

Under Counter Refrigerators: Yay or Nay?
3/24/11 05:56 AM

love:seasons changing, salty coastal air, any baking, forests, clothes that dried outside, coffee, ripe strawberries, hay, the smell just before snow, wood fire... and still the most comforting, my mom :-D

hate:overly ripe cantaloup, bad breath, sour milk

The Smell of Home: The Science of Scent
11/12/10 11:08 AM

Nattō - oh my goodness. tried it. can't do it.

- but it's veeery healthy!!


What Foods Have You Tried To Like, But Just Can't?! | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/17/10 04:08 AM