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I like this better than the article from your coworkers at Unpluggd promoting the 20 best Black Friday deals...

Re-Nest on... Black Friday
11/28/10 02:43 AM

I posted my thoughts about Black Friday on my blog:

Portland Green Home: Black Friday

And then invented a new tradition as a Black Friday shopping alternative:


What's better than being a consumer? How about consuming savory and sweet crepes made from Thanksgiving leftovers.

How Are You Spending the Friday After Thanksgiving?
11/28/10 02:39 AM

The shrink wrap film can work really well in the winter depending on how bad the old windows are.

Another spot to stop air infiltration is the electrical boxes. Pick up some of these foam gaskets for your switches and electrical outlets.

Keep the curtains open on any windows that deliver direct sun during the day, particularly south facing. Let the sun deliver as much free heat as you can.

Finally, get as many tenants on board as you can and demand that the property managers get an energy audit done. Many large cities are starting to require this of multi-family buildings anyway.

Hope that helps!

Portland Green Home

How To Seal Up My Townhouse and Make It Warmer?
Good Question

11/22/10 12:13 PM

We picked up the "HAMPEN" rug from IKEA and have loved it in our living room. Scroll through this post and you'll see a very happy Weimaraner sitting on it:

Inspiration: Grass-Like Green Shag Rugs
11/13/10 10:11 PM

Go Portland! No wonder we were the birthplace of the original freestanding rainwater harvester!


Keep it up, urban gardeners!


The Best Cities for Urban Gardening
11/13/10 10:02 PM

I'd also suggest American Clay if it's possible in your situation.

If not, how about a magnesium oxide board such as Green E-Board? I have no experience with it, but I've read a lot of praise about it. Anyone know more?


A Drywall Alternative That's Safe For Our Baby's Nursery?
Good Question

11/13/10 09:57 PM

We lived in Austin last year and had to deal with some pretty nasty mosquitos. I hate spraying on poisonous chemicals, but sometimes I would just give in and use the OFF Deep Woods spray. It worked pretty well.

One thing that REALLY helped around the house was to eliminate all standing water, except for a buckets of water with mosquito poison tablets in them.

Living in a bat cave is supposed to work too...

How Do You Battle Mosquitoes? | Apartment Therapy New York
7/13/10 04:25 AM

Ya the thought that anyone would be developing poison, taste it, find it to be sweet, and decide to market it as a sugar substitute, is absurd.

The thought that aspartame is in fact terrible for us, yet the FDA allows it for consumption, is no surprise whatsoever.

I have a great infestation that I'll be trying this out on as soon as I get back home. If that fails, perhaps I can drive them out with hydrogenated oil or gmo corn syrup.

Another Non-Toxic Trick for Getting Rid of Ants | Apartment Therapy Boston
7/13/10 04:05 AM

Yes there is a lot of "greenwashing" going on, but the movement in general is nothing to be cynical about. When you sift through the marketing and the politics and get down to it, there are some great things happening.

Green Design Library: Help This Brand New Sustainable Design Guide Win a Grant! | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
7/3/10 11:11 AM

Coffee industry is definitely the best route. I'd go looking for an importer or a roaster rather than a coffee shop. A lot of the shops get their coffee in paper bags or plastic buckets.

A big roaster would really be your best bet though. They get green coffee in large quantities and usually end up with more empty bags than they know what to do with.

This may not help if you are looking specifically for vintage, but they pretty much look the same.

Good luck!

Where Can I Get Vintage Grain Sacks? Good Question | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
6/30/10 02:35 PM

Excellent product. I've used it in past projects and I'll definitely be using it in my current one.

Osmo Natural Wood Stains and Finishes | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
6/30/10 02:29 PM

Building with containers has got to be one of the best trends in the sustainable building movement. A lot of the green building products out there are a step in the right direction, but still take so many resources to produce. Containers, on the other hand, are sitting in storage yards by the thousands waiting to get recycled.

I just did a blog entry about these and linked to this one and a few of my other favorites:

A Studio in a Shipping Container | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/29/10 01:26 PM