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Love it all!

Best Kids Parties: Balloons and Suckers My Party
4/28/12 07:57 PM

Wow, perfect in every way!

Best Kids Parties: Cowboys My Party
3/28/12 01:41 PM

It's all very cute stuff, but how in the world is buying all brand new furniture "eco friendly"?!? Because one of the pieces is low-VOC?

Mixing High-Quality & Budget-Friendly Furnishings in Our Nursery Nesting a Nursery
3/19/12 02:43 PM

Nothing says eco-conscious like doing a major renovation on a "dated" house!

Shiva's Eclectic, Romantic Modern Ranch House Tour
2/29/12 02:04 PM

" But mostly just to see the daddy playdate group interactions"

Ditto. The trailer looked pretty bad, except for the scene with Rob Heubel. Can I just Rebox a compilation of only the scenes that he's in :)?

What To Expect When You're Expecting: The Movie
2/17/12 08:48 AM

Gorgeous! Love the stripes, and the wonderful crib bumper.

Aiden's "Modern Preppy" Nursery
Nursery Tour

2/2/12 09:38 AM

Cue 17 different people posting about how they would NEVER give their kids Cheetos...

Create A Kid's Pantry In The Kitchen
Better Homes and Garden

10/28/11 03:24 PM

Crib is the Olivia from Wal-Mart.

My Room: "Biscuit"
Chicago, IL

10/13/11 02:45 PM

Gorgeous! The white is so much better, too.

Before & After: Katherine's Beautiful Built-in Shelving
10/6/11 09:16 AM

Wow, major spam alert. Three of the previous five cheerleaders registered TODAY, and the other two have no other posts except to spam about NoseFrieda.

Some sort of coordinted spam effort going on here. MAJORLY LAME, RHOOST!

Rhoost Child-Proofing Products
ABC Kids 2011

10/5/11 11:47 AM

Yeah, I don't like the way the article implies that she some how did some good by finding an alternative use for an unused item.

Agreed; I blame the write-up, not the crafter.

It's like that poor kitchen that got ripped to shreds recently because the headline/writeup built it up as the second coming.

Laura Lynn Lightens Up with Stir Sticks
6/20/11 01:08 PM

Love it!

2 Of Our Favorite Things In One Room
New York Nursery Tales

6/8/11 12:09 PM

Great idea with the skylight. I'm trying to learn to remember that it's ok to make big, structural changes like that... silly as it sounds, sometimes I forget things like, hey, it's *our* house, so if we hate this teeny master bath, why can't we join it with the adjacent closet?

Bowie's Pirate-Infested Waters
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #31

5/17/11 10:28 AM

I don't object to soy per se, but instead to the characterization of using soy instead of dairy as "much healthier". That's really, really relative and not necessarily true in the case of a 35-year-old woman, let alone in the case of babies.

I'm not saying we should never give babies treats or anything but the stringently healthiest of foods -- that'd be boring! But let's not mischaracterize what we're doing.

Meet Lauren and Matt of YumNums
Big Blog Family

4/14/11 04:50 PM

Cute execution, but a little uninformed on the nutritional side especially in the context of babies --- babies need lots of fat, and the last thing they need is lots of soy.

Meet Lauren and Matt of YumNums
Big Blog Family

4/14/11 10:09 AM

I'm dying to do something like this, but how does one treat the wood?

Bringing The Outdoors In: Birch Tree Decor
4/7/11 11:20 AM


I agree with kelleyk, it's great to see more examples of what people can do with "builder basic" homes... anyone can make spaces with 12' ceilings, leaded glass, and gorgeous hardwood look nice. But 99% of people don't live in homes like that.

Kirsten's Utterly Fabulous Utah Home
House Tour

4/7/11 09:01 AM

These are great. I have that same dining room table with similar chairs, and I'd been dithering over whether to commit to a drum shade fixture and whether to paint the walls navy. Thanks for a spot-on inspiration pic!

Marian & Sig's Awesome Apartment
House Call

3/31/11 12:51 PM

It drives me crazy that AT makes so little effort to figure out the source of photos. It's fine to give a hat tip to someone who drew your attention to it, but spend at least 30 seconds Googling so that you can credit the designer.

I googled "barn door nursery", and one of the first results was this interview with Sherry Hart:

which links to her website:

Using Barn Doors In The Nursery
3/25/11 03:18 PM

This is a great idea.

A 20 Minute Book Sling Hack

3/24/11 12:32 PM