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Wonderful tour of a home with so much personality! Love the pink living room and the sofa, heart headboard, and the "crazy dog" sign.

Caro & Josh's Colorful & Quirky English Home House Tour
7/23/14 02:51 PM

Interesting post. When I bought my home 12 years ago, my realtor said she hardly ever saw single women come in - it was mostly couples and single men, presumably because they had more money than single women. So way to go, ladies! It is a great feeling being a homeowner.

All The Single Ladies... Are Investing In Home Equity
7/21/14 02:19 PM

Cute dog (and homeowner). Too much 70's for me, but I love the dining area and orange ceiling fan.

Revisiting Scott's California Bohemian House Tour
7/17/14 06:03 PM

Lovely home and sweet pet!

Graylin's Craftsman Influenced Bungalow House Call
7/17/14 05:06 PM

Yes, I have talked with neighbors about rent in the past, and it has saved me money.

Would You (Could You?!?) Talk About Your Rent with Your Neighbors? Renter's Solutions
7/17/14 05:04 PM

I hated the 70's. "Sunny colors" for "late-working husbands" (?!)

Style Time Capsule: Decorating Advice from 1975
7/17/14 04:33 PM

I love that photo with the ducks.

A Renter's Life in Boston: The Inside Scoop Apartment Therapy Renters Guide
7/9/14 09:19 PM

Great chair as is!

How Should I Make Over This Odd Little Chair? Good Questions
7/9/14 09:17 PM

Very beautiful home, well done!

Kelly's Luminous Tree House House Tour
6/24/14 03:58 PM

This one is somewhat similar:

Ideas for Sourcing a Blue Glass Mobile? Good Questions
6/20/14 05:34 PM

A blast from the past! I grew up in a 70's house, with much of the noted d├ęcor - especially that bathroom and kitchen.

American Style Through the Decades: The Seventies
American Style

6/18/14 04:24 PM


Suggestions for Grey Countertops for My Farmhouse Kitchen? Good Questions
6/16/14 01:29 PM

Turkey burgers and sweet potato fries.

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of June 14-15, 2014
6/15/14 01:34 PM

At my condo complex, management will deliver the package to your door for a $35 fee. They don't accept packages beyond a certain size because of lack of storage space. So, good to know that deliveries can be re-routed.

Renters Solutions: 4 Ways to Manage Home Deliveries
6/12/14 02:03 PM

Nice home, obviously a great location -- in Montrose or the Heights?

Kendall's Great Location Small Cool Contest
6/11/14 01:51 PM

Wow, a real geodesic dome like in an Edward Abbey book that I read in college, but never thought I'd get to see inside one. Great tour, thank you for sharing!

Kathrin & Brian's Dome in the Desert House Tour
6/9/14 06:38 PM

This place is so cute and seems larger than it is. Love the bathroom window! Very unique.

Laura's Sunny Studio Small Cool Contest
6/9/14 03:15 PM

I have 3 out of the 5 items listed, so...yes.

Five Controversial Decor Items (And Why You May Want Them)
6/5/14 03:06 PM

This is one fabulous tour! Spectacular outdoor space and cute pets, too. Love New Orleans. Thank you for sharing.

Valorie's Bold New Orleans Home House Tour
6/4/14 01:43 PM


Tammy's Luxurious Little Space Small Cool Contest
5/31/14 05:13 PM