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Can this jam be frozen? It would be great if you could make this when fruit is in season and enjoy it all year long!

Recipe: Blackberry Chia Seed Jam Pantry Recipes from The Kitchn
7/29/14 04:16 PM

You really should read articles in their entirety before commenting. She only had to shake the jar for 45 seconds to make whipped cream. I'd hardly call that a chore.

Can You Really Make Whipped Cream with Just a Mason Jar? Putting Tips to the Test in The Kitchn
6/10/14 05:33 PM

I opt for whole milk yogurt, every time. I'm a big fan of Noosa, which is "Australian style". The texture is thicker than regular yogurt and impossibly smooth. I usually get plain, but the honey flavor is to die for (and not too sweet!).

What's The Difference Between Regular and Greek Yogurt? Ingredient Intelligence
6/4/14 12:44 PM

I have frozen kale with great success. I usually buy a big bag of it at Costco. The kale is pre-washed, and the bag is resealable, so I just stick the whole bag in the freezer. I have made smoothie packs like this article suggests, but I don't put the greens in. I prefer to blend just the liquid and the greens alone before adding the rest of the ingredients - it liquifies the greens, so you're not left with bits of kale all through your smoothie. Also, I rinse and reuse my smoothie pack bags.

How I Freeze Smoothie Ingredients in Individual Serving Bags Tips from The Kitchn
5/27/14 04:20 PM

Other than what was mentioned in the article, which are great suggestions, I also always carry lip balm of some kind. I like to carry a tinted one because a little color is refreshing after a long flight.

One other thing I carry, at risk of an over-share, is a pair of clean undies, especially for international trips. I've had my bag mistakenly picked up by others twice and also had bags not make it onto my flight. It can take days to get a bag returned, and a pair of clean undies can get you through until you get your bag or can find a place to buy more. My favorite is the ExOfficio Give-N-Go line - these can be washed in the sink and dry insanely quickly. They will definitely dry overnight, but they'll also be dry enough to wear after wringing them out and rolling them up in a dry towel. I once spent a month traveling with just 2 pairs of these undies and loved it!

The Top 10 Things To Carry With You When You Fly
5/19/14 05:38 PM

I agree with some other comments - go vertical! You can get so much storage in the same footprint with a vertical unit. Below, I've suggested another 2x4 Expedit below, but you should also look at the Pax closet line. You can get those with all shelves or shelves and drawers, and then you can hide your projects away behind the door when you're not working, which would do a lot to make your bedroom feel less like an office. For both suggestions, you could easily sub "Pax unit" for "2x4 Expedit". I have 2 ideas:

1. Add another 2x4 Expedit in the corner, next to the existing one, but put it vertically. Move your desk over to the right a bit, closer to the newly installed vertical Expedit. Put the red file cabinet on the other side of your desk, next to your printer. This will separate your work station from the bed a bit more, and put your work space adjacent to your storage.

2. Rearrange the room entirely, putting the bed in the corner where the existing 2x4 Expedit is (head of the bed on the same wall as the Expedit). Create an office space in the corner where the bed is now. Perhaps the existing Expedit and an additional one (vertical 2x4) along the wall in the bed corner. Then put your desk with a short edge along the wall, sort of where the end of your bed is now. That way you still face the window with all that great light. This may not work, it depends on the dimensions of your stuff. Might be worth trying it out. Sometimes a drastic change to the layout really helps make it feel fresh and new, which might make it easier to figure out a method to organize your tasks (with an additional Expedit).

Ideas to Improve Bedroom + Home Office Combo? Good Questions
5/13/14 09:22 AM

Where did you get that carafe? It is fabulous!

How To Make Coffee Concentrate to Serve Hot Coffee to a Crowd Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
5/6/14 06:00 PM

I have pinkish brick, too, with inserts below the windows and shutters that are red, and I HATE it. Red brings out the pink color of the brick in a bad way. If you can paint the trim, I'd try to match the mortar color, maybe a shade darker. If you want something fun for the front door, cooler tones, especially greens/teals, tend to look good with the pinkish brick.

Exterior Color Ideas For My Brick Home? Good Questions
5/6/14 01:32 PM

I use it in smoothies and love it. I throw it in dry, and it distributes more evenly - no clumps of peanut butter at the bottom of the blender. The 2 tablespoon serving yields a great peanut buttery taste. I've also had luck adding a single tablespoon of it to protein powder and water in a blender bottle to change up the flavor of my post-workout snack. Another way I use it is in microwave mug cakes - works great.

Bottom line: I wouldn't use it as a substitute for peanut butter on a sandwich, but it's great as an ingredient in smoothies and such.

What's the Deal with Powdered Peanut Butter? Ingredient Intelligence
3/15/14 06:46 PM

My project is to set up my craft closet. We moved into a new house in November, and my craft supplies have been sitting in boxes ever since. Tonight I'm going to unpack it all, see what I have, and make a list of what I need to organize it in the new space (the guest room closet). Previously, it was all in smaller, labeled boxes, but they don't fit well in the new space. I'm tentatively going with a pegboard and some narrow shelves, but I'm a bit flummoxed by fabric storage. Anyone have any clever ideas for how to store fabric in a tidy and easily accessible way?

The Halfway Point!: Project Progress The January Cure: Assignment #11
1/16/14 11:30 AM

I have had my chickens for just about a year now, and not only do I love it, but I does save money. I invested about $250 in a coop and chickens and materials. It costs me $20 per month to feed my 4 chickens. Let's assume that these four chickens lay productively for a total of 3 years. That puts our total cost (upfront and monthly food costs) at $970 for 3 years. Over these 3 years, these four chickens will lay approximately 272 dozen eggs (this accounts for the fact that the chickens do not lay until 5 months of age). If we did not have our own supply of eggs, we would buy eggs at the farmers market for $4/dozen. The eggs we do not use we sell to friends for $4/dozen. So for the 3 year period, the eggs produced will provide a savings of $1,088. Thus, we have a net benefit of $118 over the productive laying period of our chickens.

Now, this does not take into account that when these chickens stop laying productively, we will replace them with new chickens (at a cost of $1 each for day-old chicks) but use the same coop (now at a cost of $0, because we already "paid" for the coop with the first set of chickens). Admittedly, there are costs we are not accounting for: the cost of water (which is arguably low), the cost of my time and energy caring for them (approximately 15 minutes per day). However, we also receive benefits that are not quantified in the above analysis: fewer bugs in the yard and garden, well-fertilized grass, a job for my 2 herding dogs (who take immense joy in making sure that "their girls" are safe, and expend considerable energy checking on them), and the pure joy of watching chickens peck around the yard.

So for me, it is well worth the investment of my time and money. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Is It Worth It? The Cost Of Having Urban Chickens
Mint Life

9/8/11 12:13 PM

Don't deep fry things in a shallow pan without a thermometer to keep track of the temperature while wearing a bikini. 1 large splash = 2nd degree burns on my face, arms, chest, and abdomen

Kitchen Accidents: What Lessons Have You Learned?
5/28/11 01:52 PM

Wow, no love for the Eastern half of the country. Sad :(

Seasonal and Regional Planting Calendar
5/2/11 09:36 AM

I use my bread maker every week. I like to make bread by hand when I can, but this particular small kitchen appliance allows me to have fresh bread any time. Definitely a keeper for me!

Single-Use Kitchen Kitchen Appliances: Awesome or Awful?
4/13/11 10:58 AM

My mom used to cut my sandwiches in half to make 2 rectangles. Then she cut one of those rectangles into 2 squares. Then one of those squares became 2 triangles. So I had 1 rectangle, 1 square, and 2 triangles. It's a great way to help a little one learn shapes!

Lunchbox Memories: What Did Your Parents Pack for You?
4/12/11 11:34 AM

I live outside of Charlotte, NC, and my all time favorite summer brew is Hummin' Bird, by Red Oak Brewery outside of Greensboro, NC. It's currently only available on tap at restaurants in the Charlotte area, the Triad, and the Triangle. If you're in one of those areas you should definitely give it a shot. It's great with Southern BBQ!

Beer Round-Up: Best Beers For Sipping Outside Beer Sessions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/22/10 05:12 PM

What about a popcorn flavoring kit? You could get some cute little canning jars and fill them with things like nice sea salt, seasoned salt, herbs de provence, wheat germ, parmesan cheese, old bay seasoning, taco seasoning, etc. Throw in a bag or two of kernels and promise to snuggle up with a movie to help him enjoy it.

What Are Some Tasty Yet Non-Sweet Food Gifts? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/21/10 09:46 PM

My dad got me one of those for Christmas '08. I'm embarassed to report that I have yet to use it, it just looks like it would be so hard to use! Perhaps this will give me the motivation to try it...

Also, the bakery La Patisserie in Mooresville, NC uses this type of dish to bake their sandwich bread. It looks neat sliced!

Check This Out! Vintage Pyrex Bread Tube | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/16/10 12:08 PM