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Agree, totally.

I mean, I have been reading these books since i was 11 (ten years already!), and still my dream is having an entire room decorated like a Harry-Potter-Room.
While I settle down with a silver winged pig, i always saw those rooms in my mind as full of humor.

Like the mirror in the Burrow who told harry to tuck in his shirt.

Oh my. Nerdy.

Harry Potter: Style Icon
11/1/10 12:13 AM

I have 4.
All of them nutjobs.
But two of them kinda go beyond that.

One likes to be in the bathroom while we 'go', specially in my lap. Plays with the faucet trying to get water running. I have 5 different litter boxes around the house, but he still pees in the toilet rug. We can't leave any type of fabric laying on the floor, cause thats an opportunity. Even if the litter boxes are all clean.

The other one likes to play. All the time. So i spent some money on a nice shiny ball wich kept him interested for about 21 seconds. This week he spent about 10 hours a day playing with a candy packaging. Much cheaper. He also does that with Pecan Nuts. I keep finding them in the corners he cant reach.

Catering to Your Pet's Quirks
9/16/10 09:37 PM

I started a collection of pencil sharpeners when i was 3. Cute ones shaped like anymals, like bears, cats, pigs, dogs. My dad used to buy a few each time he'd go to Paraguay.
I think i bought the last one when i was 14, and that was the last one like those that i've seen.
I still have them. Although I think i lost a few, i have about 80. Nowhere to put them, though :(

What's the Weirdest Thing You Collect?
9/4/10 08:59 PM