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Oh that horrible linoleum tile! I lived in a place where the entire apartment was covered with that nightmare. Landlord must have bought a overstock back lot of it... anyway... This laundry room looks awesome now! And I totally believe that it could be accomplished in 12 hours. Absolutely. See, when people make a decision to do something, then get right to it with no procrastination whatsoever... Most people get a few ideas, get distracted by "needing" to run to the store for a few things, remember that they "need" to watch that show, blah blah.... Yeah. This can be done when one sets their mind & their backbone to it. I once repainted & laid new linoleum in a 15 x 20 ft kitchen- I painted the paneled walls, the cabinet doors, window frames, & laid down linoleum... all in one night while my 3 year old daughter slept in the bedroom just off the kitchen. She came into the kitchen in the morning & freaked out a bit thinking she was in the wrong house (she later learned to take my overnight re-paint/redecorate frenzies in stride). And all the paint, brushes, rollers, & linoleum were either donations from friends cleaning out their leftovers or stuff that I had left over. And I did it by myself. The only help being a cat who kept walking through the paint roller try. So, yeah, a great job & a believable time frame.

Before & After: A Quick and Cheap Laundry Room Refresh
1/12/14 07:44 PM

I've been able to train my dogs to not go on the bed unless invited. And only then they are allowed on the bed one at a time. They have to take turns (I have 3 dogs!). AND they are only allowed to lay on the doggie blanket at the bottom of the bed. I can just shake that off outside or throw in the washer when it gets dirty. Because I allow them each their "special time" with me on the bed (like when I just want to curl up & read, or laying down to ward off a headache) they don't "own" the bed or my space & so it isn't such an obsession with them to be on the bed. They have learned that they won't even be invited onto the bed if the doggie blanket isn't on the bed! So they don't ask! But the funniest thing is when they aren't on the bed, but I am, each one will lay on either side & at the foot of the bed on the floor. I look down & feel like I am in a castle surrounded by an alligator infested moat!!!

5 Steps to a Permanently Cleaner Bedroom
1/9/14 08:21 PM

I keep both an "Out Box" and "Out Bag" in my closet. This way, when I am putting something on & I suddenly get that feeling that it is no longer for me I can just take it off & put it straight into the Bag or Box. Bag is for clothes, box is for shoes/boots, purses, costume jewelry, etc. This way I am always able to thin out. When they are full I just carry them out to the car & drop them off at Big Brother/Big Sister. Easy. I also have Out Boxes in other rooms so the the minute I no longer need or want something I am able to purge. By my reading chair I keep an out box for books that I can donate to the library book sale & magazines that I can leave at the doctor's office waiting room (I always ask before dropping stuff off, but no one ever turns down New Yorker magazines!) Keeping an Out Box or Bag in every room really keeps the clutter down as it makes it easy to purge as I go.

A Simple Step to Success: Set Up an Outbox January Cure: Assignment #4
1/7/14 02:19 PM

I usually don't comment on what people are wearing in the fotos, but this time I need to ask: Why is that woman wearing small tables on her feet? Oh, wait. Are they supposed to be shoes? Oh, well that explains why she's sprawled on the couch rather than stomping around the house with those tree stumps attached to her feet. Ok, I'm done. Just needed to say that.

A New Cure, A New Room: The Style Cure Best of 2013
12/31/13 04:39 PM

Please please please!!! Don't anyone post any comments about the kids falling out of the bunks, or strangling themselves on the string lights, or swinging from the ceiling fixture, or falling down the ladder... or any of the ridiculous DANGER DANGER WILL ROBINSON THE SKY IS FALLING comments that are generally made whenever people freak out that a kid may sustain a bump or bruise. Bumps & bruises toughen kids up & teach them to be more careful next time. Cute rooms by the way.

Brother's Keeper: Terrific Shared Boy Bedrooms Best of 2013
12/31/13 04:35 PM

"The Cure" is applicable to everyone in any living circumstance- apartment, house, condo, dorm room, transitional housing, trailer/mobile/pre-fab... Even if one is homeless & living in a tent under a bridge the Cure can help get things organized, streamlined, & refreshed. Not every suggestion will benefit everyone every time, but maybe a few months down the road you are thinking "Why the heck am I still holding on to these ~~~~~~? And what can I do about ~~~~~?" And you can refer back to a previous Cure posting for the answer! Or recommend the Cure to that relative whom you are in dread of their passing in that they may possibly leave you all those dusty out of date knick-knacks in their will. You can help them purge now so that you won't have to do it later!!!

It's Back! Join Us & Get Organized in 2014:
The January Cure

12/27/13 03:10 PM

None of those floors look so very hard- they are wood. And obviously these walls are made to the capabilities of the child in the home. And none really look all that high. Besides, FALLING DOWN is part of life- it's the learning to get back up & give it another go that today's parents are having trouble teaching their kids how to do. Anyone born before 1970 fell off a lot of swing sets & out of trees. We lived.

Climbing the Walls, Literally: Climbing Walls in Kids Spaces
12/21/13 07:45 PM

Such a colorful house, so bright & cheery. It looks so sweet I want to eat it! Thanks for sharing your home Amy!!!

Amy's Vintage Jewel Tone Apartment House Tour
12/19/13 02:05 PM

Sally Ridge- THANKS for sharing that link!!! Those sculptures are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow! I am really inspired by those works of art. Starting to eye my old scratched CDs that I've been reluctant to throw out....

Recycled DIY: Make a Shining Mosaic Christmas Ornament with Broken CDs Crème de la Craft
12/19/13 02:04 PM

Not for me. The holidays are the perfect time to bring festive colors into the home. Lots of colors- mix them up, mismatch them, scatter them everywhere, go overboard. This is cute, but not very festive for me. And what's wrong with Lincoln as a name?! It's a great name. Wasn't he the man who ended slavery! So, with THAT in mind- I say bring on ALL the colors!!!!

Goodbye Gift Tags: Make Personalized Wrapping Paper
12/19/13 01:59 PM

Now how the heck is Santa supposed to come down a chimney stacked to the brim with logs?! What is the point of stacking wood in a fire place like that? I don't get it. If the fireplace can't be used as such then make it at least look like it is functional. Sigh... Anyway, cute stars.

Last-Minute Christmas Decorating: Quick & Easy Printable Paper Stars
12/19/13 01:54 PM

I am probably the only person in the world who does not enjoy the smell of melted wax. Something weird about it. Could it be the chemicals in the wax? I don't know. I like cute candles in my house as visuals. But I don't like the way they smell when burning. So a kitchen full of the smell of a pot of melted wax... ugh! But that's just me. Personally, I just like the "natural" paper snowflakes, no wax needed. Just tissue paper, scissors, tape, and some dirty windows needing to be covered up by cheery, sloppily cut, crooked, various sided paper snowflakes. Merry!

Quick Christmas Craft Tip: Dip Your DIY Paper Snowflakes In Wax Fleur d'Elise
12/19/13 01:50 PM

This is a good idea for people who actually spend time caring what others think about their bathroom shower. Personally, I don't care if people see my shampoo bottles.

They lost me at "easy to remove so you can clean them." That sounds like work! Refilling the pump bottles means spilling shampoo which means having to clean THAT up, too!

One Minute Tip: Brett's See-Through Shower Solution Apartment Therapy Videos
11/13/13 02:48 PM

Wash dishes, take out trash, pick up clothes tossed on floor.... or snuggle (etc) with hubby... oh, screw them dishes! Trash? Oh baby I'll show him "trashy"!!! There's a vary good REASON the clothes are strewn from one end of the house to the other! I keep my house tidy, I keep stuff reined in. But when given a choice? I take good lovin' over making a shopping list any day. Or night! ;)

5 Things To Do 10 Minutes Before You Go To Bed
11/13/13 02:42 PM

Super cute!!! But do yourself a favor and, if you can, switch the door hinges to the left side on the fridge so that it opens the other way. You will actually gain space since you won't have to be cramming yourself around the door to get to the food or to put the food back inside. If the hinges don't switch, try turning the fridge so that it opens towards the sofa (or place it on an angle- that's what I had to do one time) so then the hinges will be against the wall. Overall you did a fabulous job with the small space you have!

Andrea's Teeny Tiny Hong Kong Home House Call
10/30/13 07:36 PM

Oh, I've been all over the US & have enjoyed every place I've lived. There are good neighbors & bad everywhere. There is unemployment & employment everywhere. Poor neighborhoods & rich... So it's hard for me to know if my personality is better suited in one area over the other. But I do know that as I've gotten older the colder environments are becoming more difficult to navigate- even if the people are warm & friendly and the landscapes are breathtaking.
But that QUILT IS ADORABLE!!!! And I love that every state sports a smile!!! Only criticism: Where's Hawaii and Alaska?????!!!!!

Quiz: What's Your \"State\" of Mind?
10/23/13 12:23 PM

What a fantastic improvement project! I really enjoyed looking at the fotos & I am so impressed! And Craftsman houses are just so adorable to me (I lived in one once & was so sad to see that the former tenants had carved into & painted the interior room divider columns. Criminal, really.) Congratulations on your success!

Before & After: This Craftsman Has a Crafty Secret
10/23/13 12:13 PM

Mary o'g is so right! Why keep something that you don't need or use because "someday" you may need it. "Someday" is Right Now for someone who is struggling with poverty, ill health, homelessness... If you are keeping something as a "back up" then "back someone up" & give the extra one to him/her to use right now. If one day you need another blender (or whatever) because the current one broke- well, it's not like there is a deficit of stuff in the world. Unless you are living in a third world country with no access to civilization (then you wouldn't even be reading this from the comfort of your home) you can always get another plate, or toaster, or sweater, or whatever. We have created/manufactured far more stuff than we will ever use in our current lifetime- While some people still sleep on cardboard sheets above street vents & others don't even have bread to put in a toaster. I salute Mary o'g for recognizing that holding onto stuff- just in case- creates more than physical clutter, it creates emotional clutter. Letting things go frees up more than a closet, it frees ones heart & mind. Imagine all the thoughts that can be created in THAT real estate!

Our Best Tips for Small Space Living Apartment Therapy Video Roundup
10/20/13 11:20 AM

Ah! The cardboard stair slide!!! I did this with my daughter & it was always a blast! Sometimes she got an even bigger kick out of just letting all of her stuffed animals & dolls go for a slide- have them all pile up at the bottom & then she'd drag them back up & do it all over again- for hours!!! Then she graduated to rolling toy cars & trucks down the slide. We also used to take the cardboard shoe boxes & cereal boxes & cut them up to make doll furniture & houses, or car garages & tunnels/bridges for the cars to travel on, She loved the quaker oats container that we could make into a doll cradle or a silo for the cardboard farm or a rocket ship or a drum... Endless hours of cheap & educational fun. Who needs all that plastic fisher-price crap that is designed for only one purpose- to advertise another disney production or cartoon figure?!

Cheap Thrills: 15 Toys to Make from Cardboard
10/20/13 11:07 AM

Meh. Words of Wisdom on my wall quoted from a drug addicted starlet who died from overdose caused by over indulgence? Nah. If I'm quoting people on my walls it's people who actually make a difference in the world, people who are/were selfless & uplift others' spirit. The quote I keep on the bathroom mirror is: "When someone shows you who they are- believe them" ~ Maya Angelou. On the wall of my kitchen is "The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated."~ Mahatma Gandhi. And on the wall of my office is the quote: "Sometimes, we hold onto the things that God himself is trying to tear apart”~ Tyler Perry (as a reminder to myself to let things go that no longer enrich my life). These are so much more profound than wanting to "be wonderful".

Wonderful Words at Rowe Furniture High Point Fall Market 2013
10/20/13 10:57 AM