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I've started over fresh twice... and I'm barely 25. As long as I can remember, I have never been able to stay in one place too long which is a habit my grandmother always attributed to "gypsy-blood".

The first time I did the haul shouldn't really count. I was barely 17, had a diploma and wanted to be on my own. Instead of moving down the street, my aforementioned grandmother helped me pack up two trunks filled with clothes and books and I moved from FL to Long Beach, CA.

At 20, I had come back to FL and after getting the itch, I picked out Miami on a map because of the fact I have never been there and didn't know a single person. Thanks to craiglist, during my mere two weeks of planning I had scored a job through various phone interviews and had wired money for a deposit on my apartment. I packed up my car with only books, clothes, art and my cat for the 14-hour haul and while it is the most exciting, exhilarating feeling, I learned the importance of asking my vet for sedatives.

Since then, I've moved back to North FL for uni and started over yet again. While I am still getting my place just right, I like knowing that if the mood strikes, I can purge everything but a select few items with emotional attachment and start afresh.

I know a lot of people don't have the same feeling about purging and starting over and in fact, only consider it an anxiety inducing experience. There is no denying the first few weeks are always a bit rough, but perhaps everyone should try it at least once.

Would You Ever Start Over from Scratch?
8/19/10 10:35 AM

@ Pi

Love the idea. Have you thought about using something other than double sided tape? Although I am sure someone will correct me, I think modge-podge would do to adhear the fabric and if you wanted something slightly less permanent, how about watered down water-soluable glue? At least in my experience, spraying Krud Kutter can get rid of any remaining, uh, crud, without touching the white laminate on the IKEA-esque wood.

Tim's Weekend Painting Project: Blue Bookcase TV Wall | Apartment Therapy New York
6/12/10 02:11 PM


Looked like Bing had thrown up over Google.

I had really liked Google's minimalism. Thankfully it was only for the day.

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6/12/10 02:02 PM