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Lovely and calming apartment.

While I don't want to take away from the great apartment I do just have to comment that after spending time hunting for a place to live in London, this sized apartment in the Marylebone part of London is in the price point that one would be able to hire a designer. Maybe a better spread for Houzz than for AT.

Alison's Sophisticated and Posh London Home House Tour
5/11/14 09:55 PM

Rice in freezer for 48 hours and then into the fridge to kill and avoid any pantry moth infestations. Once was enough. Ditto for all grains, nuts, flours...

Quick Tip: How To Fit More in a
Small Refrigerator

10/7/13 04:42 PM

How is it possible to compare a teeny tiny place to a small place that is over 2X the size? I thought in the past there were winners in each division but maybe I missed a year or 2 of voting.

Announcing The Small Cool 2013 Finalists! Vote Now for Our Grand Prize Winner
6/4/13 04:52 PM

Before I read your description I immediately thought 'rich'. Love this!

Jane's "Comic Strip" Room Room for Color Contest
10/10/12 08:16 PM

I love the space but it's almost 'color free'.

Francoise's "Soft Touch" Room Room for Color Contest
10/10/12 08:14 PM

Love the lush colors! Finally an entry with inviting cozy colors!

Polly's "Moody Blues" Room Room for Color Contest
10/10/12 08:13 PM

I love the teal! Such a happy color especially on those winter days. I'd like to wrap myself up in it.

Jen's "Bold & Classic" Room Room for Color Contest
10/9/12 09:43 PM

I'd love to see a floor plan of your place. Love the color!

Michelle's "The Rabbit Hole" Room Room for Color Contest
10/6/12 09:10 PM

I love that wall color! My entry was this butterscotch color until I did a mini remodel and painted everything. I'd much rather have my butterscotch back than the current color which I find dreary.

Cornelia's "Sunset in the Desert" Room Room for Color Contest
10/6/12 08:59 PM

Love the colors and the quirky style. I want that wall of cameras!

Janelle's "Tropics" Room Room for Color Contest
10/6/12 08:55 PM

I am not a fan of wood paneling in general but I would actually say to not paint! It's a small house in a town in Vermont... the paneling goes with the setting.

First I'd make those other changes you mentioned and then see how she feels about the paneling. I'd paint the floors if there is wood underneath and then use a rug (or rugs since you said it was a large space) to warm the floors up when getting in and out of bed and ground the space.
If she does decide to paint white may make the space feel too cold considering it's in Vermont so may want to think about other colors that would make it cozier.

Help My Mom Decide: The Great Wood Paneling Debate
8/14/12 01:01 PM

Definitely liquid soap (St. Ives; inexpensive and great for my sensitive skin). Bar soap gets slimey. And Dr. Bronners leaves my skin dry and scratchy although I love the way it smells and really want to use more of it. But it even leaves film when I use it for cleaning.

Love the look of a fluffy duvet but I'd roast if that was my only option. I often sleep with just a top sheet and pull a blanket up if I get cold. And unless I am doing something really wrong my duvet cover needs to be ironed if I wash it so I drop it off at the cleaners to be cleaned and pressed a few times a season.

Small Changes, Serious Impact
6/29/12 10:37 PM

I love the look of open shelves and they've done a nice job maximizing their kitchen space from this photo. However I could never live with the dust and dirt that comes with open shelves (especially with cats and dogs)

Well Organized Open Shelving in a
Stainless Steel-Filled Kitchen Roomarks

6/25/12 09:57 PM

Super White Quartz was my intended surface until I found my carrara gioia so that gets my vote.

Light Colored Countertops That Are
Tough Enough Renovation Inspiration Roundup

6/11/12 08:38 PM

I finished a kitchen remodel last year and installed a beautiful marble. I knew I didn't want granite and that if I went with manmade I'd have settled rather than get something that would make me happy to walk into my kitchen every day.

So I guess I am in the 'patina' camp and have learned to let go of my neurosis. It is very well sealed (beet juice didn't stain it!) but I've already got some etching (vodka tonics anyone?)

Kitchen Countertop Preference: Get Better with Age or Stay Looking Brand New?
5/4/12 04:22 PM

Great in photos but I can't imagine sleeping in one.

A New Take on Indoor/Outdoor Living with the BubbleTree Tent
4/24/12 08:28 PM

I really want to like the after better but I fault the angle and the light for making the photo look washed out. I didn't love the before but I did like it in the posted photos better than the after.

Before & After: Painting a San Francisco Victorian
4/23/12 07:49 PM

I almost never post a comment but I signed in just so I could say that I love this space! It has continuity and is inviting and seems like a place I could (maybe) live in (if I could truly live in 330 sq ft!).

Love the wall color and the sliders to your wonderful outdoor space!

Michelle's Dream Space Small Cool Contest
4/23/12 07:46 PM

Very timely as I have a kitchen reno starting and haven't made any decisions on the countertops other than no granite or marble.

Anyone have real world experience with the paper or paper/bamboo products? I'm very intrigued by them.

Ultimate Guide to Choosing Countertops: Pros & Cons
6/7/11 02:48 PM

I had a tortoiseshell cat who loved Martha Stewart (pre-incarceration). She also had a penchant for movies with things blowing up.

Do Your Pets Watch TV? | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
6/11/10 11:36 PM