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What Does it Really Cost to Live in Austin? Apartment Therapy's Cost of Living Report
8/19/13 12:56 PM

Yeah... If you're going to buy a house in Central Austin for anything less than $250,000 be prepared to sink at least another $50-100,000 in rennovations and repairs into it. You can find things for less as you move further out of town, but please don't expect to rely on public transportation to get you back and forth to work, as we really don't have much other than the city bus, which is really only useful proximally to downtown. You'll be sitting in traffic a lot and you'll for sure be paying more than $3.14 for your gas.

The food is great though. Seriously.

What Does it Really Cost to Live in Austin? Apartment Therapy's Cost of Living Report
8/19/13 12:55 PM

awesome! great example of a wooden piece that was IMPROVED by painting - and really just a fantastic completed project.

Before & After: Plain Jane Nightstand Gets a Reclaimed Wood Makeover Design, Dining and Diapers
8/17/12 03:24 PM

can't believe you painted that... the wood was beautiful... would have looked great for someone with a more natural/rustic aesthetic.

Before & After: What a Difference Some Paint Makes!
8/6/12 06:00 PM

how timely - i have been on such a sherry kick lately - and yes, mostly due to the influence of the various british television series i've been watching lately. i'd probably suggest kicking in a little bit more than the $6 that bottle of Taylor in the picture cost. that stuff is good for cooking - but there are some really wonderful sherries out there.

Craving Sherry? Blame Downton Abbey
12/12/11 12:42 PM

@jmorri26 - by using organic products they are supporting the growers/companies that make those products available, even if no one ever consumes them.

Look! Life-Sized Gingerbread Houses
12/7/11 02:57 PM

Great tips - but can we get a copy editor up in here?

Holiday Cookie Baking: 5 Pantry Preperation Tips
12/1/11 01:15 PM

$1,000 egg, that is.

Is It Worth It? The Cost Of Having Urban Chickens
Mint Life

8/31/11 03:36 PM

they say your first egg is the $1,000... after that, they're free.

Is It Worth It? The Cost Of Having Urban Chickens
Mint Life

8/31/11 03:35 PM

we have celery sold by the stalk here in austin, at both whole foods and central market stores. whether i buy a rib, or a bunch, i chop off the bottom when i get home and put the individual stalks in a glass of water and then put that in the fridge. (just like mpheels says.) it stays nice and crisp for quite a while. in fact, make sure your container has some extra room - the celery will expand as it draws in the water!

i keep carrots the same way - cut off the tops and put the whole carrot root in water. i use a higher water level for the carrots - seems to keep them crisp longer. again, leave some room to grow - the first time i tried this they expanded enough that i thought i would have to break the glass to get them out!

My Celery Dilemma
8/24/11 03:18 PM

yay! finally!

Inspiring (Print!) Read: "At Your Leisure," Issue 3
6/29/11 05:48 PM

These seem unnecessary, and buying something like this (esp. just to turn around and burn it) feels fundamentally un-"green." Definitely agree with most of the above comments. Further, I'd like to know what type of vegetable oil goes into them since many veggies used to make vegetable oil are heavily water intensive and not particularly sustainable crops, even if they are non-GMO.

@LaurenZ - I think your point is really valid, thank you for sharing. I forget that while I may be living in a little environmentally conscientious bubble other people just aren't. Offering them "better" options is a good place to start.

Alternatives to Lighter Fluid: Biomass Firelighters
6/29/11 12:50 AM

more! more! more! i'd love to see a full tour done of this place - love it!

Rochelle & Rob's Country Cottage
House Call

2/22/11 10:01 PM

hey now! i'm not one to usually register to win stuff - but this is incredibly useful, good quality stuff!!

Win This CM2 Bakeware Set from Chicago Metallic!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

11/25/10 11:06 PM

le sigh... my boyfriend actually lives around the corner from this place, and i have been admiring it for some time - i loved it for its curb appeal, but now i'm even more in love with it for the interior. thanks for the post!

Jewell Street Green Remodel

11/19/10 02:48 PM

jacksonlalonde - the duvet is from Pottery Barn. it's also on sale...

Danielle's Story Filled HomeHouse Call | Apartment Therapy DC
6/10/10 03:45 PM