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A muted pumpkin color. Perfect for the cooler weather. :)

Duvet Cover Suggestions for Earthy Green Bedroom?
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10/4/10 03:04 AM

Love the choice of colors.

I suggest SW Harmonic with white wainscotting for bathroom. Even Harmonic Tan though I think the 1st one would give the palette a lift.

Bathroom Paint Colors to Coordinate with Rest of Decor?
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10/4/10 02:41 AM

I find this color combo is one of the more pleasant of the art deco bathrooms. Some can be very garish. You can look up images online of Art Deco bathrooms to get some ideas. A lighter yellow on the walls works well. As does white fixtures.

A black vanity would be in keeping with the era but I agree with other posters, it would be too much in this space. Could you make a white/off white cabinet shell that sits in front of the existing vanity?

I also agree white sheer shower curtains would keep things simple and allow light into the room. As for the purple tile, I think it would become less noticable once you've made other changes. If you really can't live with them, perhaps use removable wall vinyl to cover them.

How Can I Make This Bathroom Look Better? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
6/9/10 10:03 AM

I just saw these drapes here on AT.
I think they could bring interest and warmth. They would tie in with lamp shades and some of the lighter wood tones. Works well with the chocolate brown too. I also think the blue chair works in this space.

Curtains or Fabric to Add Something New to Room? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/9/10 09:47 AM