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I'm hosting a girls holiday potluck party next week and will give handmade origami crane ornaments as party gifts. Paper, silk thread and a needle is all I need! Very excited to make them this weekend; I'll hang them on dried branches in the foyer for each guest to choose upon leaving.

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12/3/10 05:02 PM

Beautiful! I live in Mpls too - hopefully I get to see this in person while driving around!

A Green Minneapolis Renovation
11/8/10 05:28 PM

Great home tour - my favorite piece is the eye-shaped wall clock above your kitchen entrance - what a fantastic find! Thanks for sharing!

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10/26/10 01:41 PM

I really appreciate large businesses laying out plans to conserve when needed. As a Target team member, I know there was much thought, logistics planning and preparation into changing the environment of one store (not to mention many more!) so I'm really proud that store leaders thought it neccessary to thoughtfully integrate it. As for earlier comments I feel I must make it clear that Target did not give money directly to specific politician's campgains, but rather to one pro- business group that unfortunately also backed a republican candidate in MN who is opposed to same-sex marriage. The reason this is a problem is because I KNOW that Tom Emmer's stance on same-sex marriage and GLBT equality is NOT in line with Target's commitment to GLBT equality. I see it everyday - my peers at work, guests in the store, and the relationship Target has in our community. That's why this is such a big deal - b/c we have that strong bond, but it's in trouble of being broken. I know our CEO understands that and realizes the process of donating to pro-business groups need to change to make it truly void of party favortism, and I'm confident I will see those changes.

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8/10/10 02:13 PM

Yes, three potted plants including a large potted ficus tree was stolen from our front entry way and kitchen window ledge...the first night after we moved in. We immediately regretted signing a year lease to live there, what a welcome!

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6/8/10 06:54 PM