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I have watched hoarders, but not the buried alive one mostly because it is too stressful for me and breaks my heart. My mother is a hoarder but refuses to admit she has problems. She has currently moved out of 2 houses because they are so filled with clutter they are unlivable. All of the "storage areas" are empty in the house, but the rooms you should live in are full of stuff. She currently goes to a dumpster outside of the local thrift store DAILY to collect new treasures. Some of the things in there are good, but she has no use for them. I gave her a book on hoarding that was self-help. She got very angry and told me I was losing my mind. She complains that she has so much stuff and it's so annoying to her, but she continues to accumulate more and more. If you try to clean anything, she becomes irate and accuses you of "taking over" even if i just put it in a box so we can eat at the table. Hoarding is not a fun issue and the hoarders cannot be helped if they refuse to be helped. It is sad to me that her stuff that she doesn't even want means more to her than any of her family. I know she would pick her stuff over me any day. My father had to move out because there was nowhere to sit in the house and she pretends that just never happened. Amazing what people will block out.

Hoarding: Buried Alive | Apartment Therapy New York
6/8/10 03:40 PM