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I just made this cake, literally, ten minutes or so ago. I put it in two mini-muffin pans and I knew I didn't have the ingredients for the glaze, so I just sprinkled some flax seeds on top before I threw it in the oven. Super delicious!

Vegan Recipe: Sticky Orange Cake with Marmalade Glaze
1/23/11 11:09 PM

Ahhhgg, I reallyreallyreally don't want to defend Wal-Mart, but when I went back home for the holidays, I started to crave kale with a fiery passion, and surprisingly enough, the only grocery store in the whole town that carried it was the local Wal-Mart (Also! It was cheaper than I can get it here in Brooklyn!). So, yeah, I guess if Wal-Marts are going to be around, I would be pretty pumped about a legit expansion of fresh food.

Walmart Vows To Make Food Healthier and More Affordable
1/22/11 09:01 PM

Question! I just made this today (with rosemary, delicious o'clock!) What can I do with all of that whey?! There's so much of it!

Recipe: D.I.Y. Ricotta
12/8/10 05:24 PM