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Was just in IKEA (FL) yesterday, I know for sure these weren't in the kiddie section.

*New* Stuva Kids Furniture Line Debuts at Ikea | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/22/10 12:47 AM

These made me laugh very hard because they're so me. I'm either very OCD about something or the completely opposite. I empty the fridge and organize it every day. I rearrange the dishwasher at least 3 times before starting it. Color coordinated makeup bags. Color coordinated closet.

Want to know what my room looks like? The clothing tornado hit.

I load the top rack back to front & get very aggravated when my roommate puts a glass in the front. Laziness.

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7/22/10 12:11 AM

These are in my uni's library. They are very beautiful:

Casey's Chihuly Inspired Courtyard My Great Outdoors | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/4/10 10:39 PM