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Definitely a recipe to use with Trader Joes' new 10-minute quick cook farro! Available for $1.79 and absolutely delicious with a great firm chewy texture (says me after 3 uses).

Morning Recipe: Apple Farro Breakfast Bowl with Cranberries and HazelnutsRecipes from The Kitchn
3/4/13 03:54 PM

Paninis or baked savories, such as cheddar shortbreads.

What Can I Do with Hot Pepper Jelly? Good Questions
1/30/13 06:27 PM

Anyone know what the name of t he mugs offered by Blue Q is? Blue Q no longer has and I would LOVE to get my hands on this :)

Thanks for any info!

Tea Time: Everything You Need for a Perfect Cup
12/10/12 01:15 PM

Oh, not to mention the "this is serious" talk. I'm no passive aggressive Nelly. I tell it like it is. It's serious, dangerous, I'm terrified. I expect you'll take every action so that this never happens again.

Help! My Forgetful Roommate Doesn't Turn Off the Stove!
Good Questions

4/21/11 12:51 AM

Hi all!

Thanks so much for everybody's comments. You've all put a lot of thought into this- as have I! I've actually implemented your suggestions prior to this question going live.
Background: this roomie has left the flame on but flame went out and gas stayed on. It's happened 2x in his first 3 mos.
Got renter's insurance for innocent roomie and myself the very next day! We're also removing the knobs after each time we cook and putting them in a mason jar. And made culprit install smoke + carbon monoxide detector right away. Of course, he busted a vintage kitchen clock in the process! Not to mention the SIX holes in the wall.
I'm glad to see that we all take this misstep VERY seriously- so I'm not alone! PHEW! I agree. 3x and he is out on the curb. Great to know I'm in good company with my reason.

Help! My Forgetful Roommate Doesn't Turn Off the Stove!
Good Questions

4/21/11 12:49 AM

I was really excited for my bamboo set until realizing that my fork couldn't actually capture anything on its prongs. Beware on the design of the set you purchase.

Take Your Silverware to Work: Urban Picnic Roll-Ups
4/11/11 04:16 PM

Wrap N Mat. I've been using mine for about 2 years, just occasionally. Always does the trick! Still in good condition.

Looking for Reusable, Easy To Clean Sandwich Bags
Good Questions

4/9/11 02:35 AM

I can't recommend anything better for cooking than To memory, they are: tiki, bachelor pad, space age. Makes me feel like Jane Jetson while cooking in my mod abode!

Turntable Kitchen: Pairing Recipes with Music
4/9/11 02:15 AM

I often take a page out of the middle of a magazine to use as a make shift funnel for sugar. My turbinado grains won't filter thru my small funnel and this is the perfect trip. I hadn't much thought of germs but hey, I don't think the mail man was licking page 27 of the Pendleton catalog I never signed up for.

Repurpose Your Junk Mail In The Kitchen
1/13/11 04:55 PM

La Morena is my favorite brand of Chipotles en Adobo for pure design reasons. Who doesn't want a hot babe hanging out in their pantry?

And they store very well in a Mason Jar in the refrigerator. I'll keep them for up to two months. Preservatives of canned goods + refrigeration, ideal.

My most used recipe:
Chipotle Black Bean Dip
1 can drained Black Beans, water reserved
1 rinsed, seeded medium sized chipotle
1 Tbsp Adobo sauce
Juice of 1/2 lime
1 clove Garlic
Salt to taste

Blend all ingredients, adding more/less to taste in your food processor. Add small amounts of black bean's water to get the consistency right. This goes over great at parties and bbq's, I get requests from friends throughout the year! And it isn't just a dip, you can throw it in a tortilla with other goodies for a meal.

Ingredient Spotlight: Chiles en Adobo
11/18/10 12:46 PM

Dixie! Made in New Orleans, its a sweet and nearly creamy tasting lager. The best this amateur beer connoisseur's have ever tasted. Try it with a spicy Creole dish, or any good ole' American summertime classic. Available at BevMo.

Beer Pairings: Best Beers to Drink with Spicy Foods
Beer Sessions

9/14/10 07:16 PM

Another easy way to do this is to half a Watermelon, use a melon baller to cut out dozens of pieces. Throw them back into either the halves or your travel tupperware (etc). Then soak the balls with Vodka or light rum.

I like to put a glass of toothpicks nearby to let all my friends munch on the Watermelon bits. It really livens up a party when people catch on!

Afterward you can gather all that boozy watermelon juice and throw it on ice or top off with some club soda.

Vodka Watermelon! How to Fill a Fruit with Booze Sweet Paul | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/4/10 07:03 PM